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Second choice school wants a decision before I'll even hear back from my top choice


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Hi! I'm looking for advice. I've been accepted to my second-choice school, but I'm still waiting to hear from my first-choice school. My #2 school wants a decision by March 1st, but I don't expect to hear back from my #1 school until mid-March... Can I ask my #2 school to extend my decision deadline? Is that even possible?

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The agreement looks like it only applies to funding, of which they made no mention. I have an outside fellowship that covers my cost of attendance up to $39,800 per year. The estimated COA for the school is $42,000 per year, so I imagine with a few days per month subbing at the local school district, I should be okay.

If I email them asking for an extended deadline, will that reflect poorly on me?

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No, it won't reflect poorly on you. And if a school that hasn't offered you funding is pressuring you to make a decision, in my opinion the only thing you can do is accept, and later rescind if you get a better offer. I don't think anyone can fault you for that. But for starters, see about getting an extension. 

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