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Yale MFA Photography Interview

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Hello Everyone,

Not sure if this will get out there to anyone, but I am posting in hopes to gain some information or advice for the Yale School of Art MFA Photography department interview. I have an interview for their Photography Graduate program next week and I am just looking for any helpful suggestions or advice anyone is willing to give, as this is my first grad school interview and I am not quite sure what to expect or how the dynamic of the interview is orchestrated. If anyone can help or can recommend someone to talk to, I will be forever grateful. 

Thank you guys!

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Going to have the interview for Yale photo next week too, just flew to U.S, super nervous. I heard they threw out questions like "what's your favorite music style" during the interview... Not very formal, and definitely not something that can be prepared for:( I guess try to know as much as possible about their faculty and 1st-year grads will be helpful, also prepare good questions.

Anyway, good luck!!!!!!!

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Wow, that's so exciting! I am happy to hear it is not very formal actually, the more relaxed the better in my opinion. I definitely have looked at first year students work and feel prepared to ask them more questions than the faculty so far. I think the best thing for us to do is relax and not get overwhelmed. We are going to do great, don't be nervous! Easier said then done, I know. Send me a message or something and maybe we can meet up for a celebratory drink after we complete the interview! Good luck!!!

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