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  1. Thank you! Congrats! Yes, I'm traveling in LA without a car now, killing me... BTW do you plan to go to the open studio on 4/1?
  2. I feel you, I was talking to myself whole day that I almost lost my voice during the interview, lol... But good luck! I'm sure you'll do a great job! Thank you!
  3. Thank you! Perhaps other departments are more intense, but photo's interview was a fun one.
  4. Interviewed at Yale today, the interview was casual and everyone was nice. It was a great experience no matter what the final result going to be. Finally, time to get drunk!
  5. Going to have the interview for Yale photo next week too, just flew to U.S, super nervous. I heard they threw out questions like "what's your favorite music style" during the interview... Not very formal, and definitely not something that can be prepared for:( I guess try to know as much as possible about their faculty and 1st-year grads will be helpful, also prepare good questions. Anyway, good luck!!!!!!!
  6. I did by Skype, and they asked me to describe work I'm working on recently.
  7. Thank you turnip so much for sharing this! Very helpful. So I did my first interview with UPenn today, almost all the questions they asked were covered here: _____ What's your work about? Explain the (cultural) influence you mentioned in your statement? How do you see your work develop in the MFA program? How do you deal with location changes (since I shot some of my work in my homeland)? Why this program? Favorite contemporary artists? Questions for us? ____ Hope this is helpful for you all;)
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