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Giving up on my top choice


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I'm kinda super bummed out right now, I called UO in January and asked about my status(waitlist). They said I'd have a for sure yes or no answer by the end of Jan. Well Jan has some and gone and I have other offers. I had two undergrad friends who applied there because they thought I was a sure-in. They got in, I didn't. I had a departmental recommendation from their biology faculty.  I visited multiple times, I had grad students take me out to coffee and talk about the program. It all looked great. I don't understand what happened. So, I have great other offers with great funding and all sorts of cool benefits including international travel and specialized training. 

So sie la vie UO. I don't know what I did wrong.

God this feels like a breakup letter "Dear John" 

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Jeeeeeez, this sounds utterly bizarre and heartbreaking. I'm sorry to hear this.

It's just bad luck sometimes, I guess.

That said, the fact that other programmes are willing to invest so much in you says a lot about your strengths. You'll do well regardless of where you are. All the best!

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