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SVA, SAIC, Univ of the Arts, MassArt or MICA? Low Res MFA


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I've applied to several Low Res MFA programs. I'm a returning student and did not expect all these acceptances. Additionally, two schools have offered funding ranging from one-third to one-half. The other 3 have told me that there are offers but they do not yet have numbers available. 
Commuting is possible at SVA. The others would require 6-8 weeks per year in a dorm which sounds more hellish every time I think about it.
Should I put on my big girl panties and go to SAIC as it is my first choice? Should I go to SVA because it is almost as highly ranked and I get to sleep in my own bed and make local connections even though I hate commuting? Should I go to MassArt because it is more affordable and I really liked the professor who heads the program? If any of the schools that haven't given me numbers yet turn out to be fullride, should I just automatically go there? 
Are any of these schools so crappy as to avoid consideration? Any so wonderful that I should automatically forsake all others? Do rankings even matter? 
Thanks for your help!


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Hi, @squidgal! I am very glad to have stumbled on your post because I have applied to all of the same low-res MFA programs as you (minus SVA) and am planning to start this summer. I have been very fortunate with acceptances, as well, and am in the same conundrum you were in last year: I need clarity! What did you end up doing? How did you make your decision? And do you have any advice or insight regarding any of the schools and their programs?

SAIC was tied for my top choice with MICA, but I am on the East Coast and the idea of travel logistics and hauling work back/forth every year seems daunting. But the idea of going to SAIC feels amazing for so many reasons.

MICA has had my heart for as long as I remember,  and they have been very personal from the beginning - they interviewed me and called me to let me know I was accepted (SAIC sent me the acceptance and called after). I was told that the funding at MICA will amount to approx 1/3 tuition, but it's 3 yrs/4 summers, so I'm thinking it could end up still being more expensive than a shorter program.

MassArt and Uarts are feeling secondary at this point, but what if there is funding? Any advice would be so appreciated! Thanks! :)

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 I wound up going to a small MA program in Scotland. It was a fraction of the cost of any of the US schools. I was afraid to assume the debt required for the US schools. I would have preferred a school that I could have physical attended.

check out their various curriculums. MassArt was too focused on drawing for me.

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