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Masters in Applied Statistics UMichigan

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Hi! I've been recently admitted to the University of Michigan applied masters in statistics program. I would like to know more about the reputation of the program. Are the classes hard/ is the program tough? Is the program worth the money? Do students who graduate from here have a better chance for a statistics PHD in the future? ( Since I know it is a program that focuses on sending students into the industry)

Thank you!

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23 minutes ago, Min2017 said:

Thanks! Does anybody else know anything more about the program? I would really appreciate any information!

In my opinion, most of the Masters Statistics (maybe except UChicago) do not really increase your chance much into a PhD program.

I dont know much about the UM MA Stat but it seems that their students are able to land jobs in the financial industry:


From the website FAQ: https://lsa.umich.edu/stats/graduate-students/prospective-graduate-students/prospective-graduate-student-faqs.html


Q: I am interested in going into finance and would like to have a better understanding of statistics. Would the Applied Master’s program be an appropriate degree?
A: We have had Applied Masters alumni find careers in finance.  Some recent examples of finance jobs our graduates started upon completing the degree:

  •    Quantitative Research and Trading at Worldco, LLC
  •    Financial Analyst at the Quantitative Strategies Group of Goldman Sachs
  •    Quantitative Operations Manager at Bank of America
  •    FX Options Trader – Associate at Bank of America
  •    Credit Risk Analyst at Household Credit Services
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