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Advice for prospective PhD students

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for those who are currently pursuing PhDs, what would be your best advice for MSW students, even if they do not know at this point if they'll do a PhD? What would be the best advice to keep doors and opportunities in academia open?


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I'm bumping this thread.

I'm considering applying to a Phd program in the next few years. I have my LCSW and MSW and have been working in a managerial position at a homeless service agency for the past two years. Any advice on applications and/or type of work that would make me more marketable to Phd programs? I've published one book review but that's the extent of my publishing experience.

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I agree with @Lois1955, to make sure you have that post MSW experience. Your well crafted personal statement will also play a huge factor. Maintain a good (and I use that word lightly) GPA.

Connect with professors at the colleges that you would potentially like to work with/conduct research with. Established some rapport with them. 

If you cringe at the thought of the GRE, don't worry. I did not do so well on the GRE and had minimal (1 year) research experience, but I was accepted to a good PhD program in my first year applying. So anything possible.

Please consider applying to more than 4 colleges. Increase your chances of getting accepted and of finding a program that fits your interests. 

@sarahdelrey have you also thought about a DSW since you have a LCSW? 

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