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  1. Get your 2-years post MSW experience first. This is very important, especially if you plan to teach after getting your PhD. Majority of the assistant professor (tenure track) jobs require that, in addition to having a PhD in social work, you have to have had at least 2 years post MSW. You want to take a look at the job market and make sure you're on the right track. I'm not saying you won't be able to find a job at all without the 2 years but your options will be limited. I've seen phd students who enter start their phd in social work without the 2 years post masters or without a msw and are then learning that they will only be able to find employment where they won't be teaching social work practice classes.
  2. @Aleh290 If I remember correctly, they give you the check every semester and you're responsible for using it pay for your tuition. Then what's left over is for other expenses.
  3. I agree with @Lois1955, to make sure you have that post MSW experience. Your well crafted personal statement will also play a huge factor. Maintain a good (and I use that word lightly) GPA. Connect with professors at the colleges that you would potentially like to work with/conduct research with. Established some rapport with them. If you cringe at the thought of the GRE, don't worry. I did not do so well on the GRE and had minimal (1 year) research experience, but I was accepted to a good PhD program in my first year applying. So anything possible. Please consider applying to more than 4 colleges. Increase your chances of getting accepted and of finding a program that fits your interests. @sarahdelrey have you also thought about a DSW since you have a LCSW?
  4. @Emarouk thank you! Decided to attend NYU instead Did you hear back from Washington?
  5. Anyone else received an acceptance to NYU's PhD program? I was totally not expecting this as they did no interviews....
  6. What about funding? And distance?
  7. @Lois1955 and @Dizzy Thank you!
  8. I received my acceptance from Hunter!!! The stress of getting in is over. Now to worry about moving to NYC *yikes* Good luck to everyone who is still waiting to hear back from any schools.
  9. I completed my MSW at a Cal State University in California. Now this may just apply to California students, but there is a program call Title IV-E Child Welfare. The program is both for 2 year and 3 year track students. It is a loan given by CalSWEC for students who are interested in working in child welfare. If you are given the loan (stipend) it will cover for tuition and still have some spending money as well. The only catch is, you will have to work in Child welfare (cps) after you graduate in order to "pay back" the loan. So if you receive it for 2 years, you will have to work 2 years in CPS. During the payback you will still get paid like a regular job but they just forgive the loan as you continue to work as a CPS social worker. 2/3 years goes by super fast and with the high demand (fast burn out rate) you'll very likely find employment after graduation. If you are attending a college in Cali, I encourage you look into this and apply.
  10. Wow you're applying all throughout the US. Thank you for sharing. If you don't mind me asking, how did you go about deciding where to apply to?
  11. I don't know if this helps, but I have an interview with Hunter for their PhD program tomorrow. Maybe they're just trying to get the PhD candidates done first?
  12. @Dizzythank you so much for the tip. I would have never guessed to rehearse about that.
  13. I have an interview with Hunter in NYC. Do you guys have any advice/tips?
  14. AHHH congratulations on being selected and thank you so much for the update.
  15. @Emaroukcongratulations on getting the interview! I didn't get an email but I'm glad to know where they are in the process now. Thank you for the update.
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