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I’m interested in education development and plan to work in international organizations such as UNESCO, UN, OECD, WB, and IEA. I was wondering which graduate school of education would be good. I numbered the questions for clarity.

1. Is an ivy league degree treated substantially differently in the education development field in terms of promotion, pay, and working environment? If not, I might as well just go to graduate school this Fall since I applied for Europe this year.

2. Do the European/American university graduates have different outcomes in working? Or is it just a matter of where you want to work in the future?

3. Should my masters be in education focused? Or is it ok to have a development studies degree? I’m planning to do a phd which will be focused on education.

4. To be specific, the schools I'm interested in are as follows: Oxbridge, LSE, Sciencespo, IHEID, Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, and Columbia. Some schools have development in education departments and some are vice versa.



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The best advice I have received is to look at the qualifications of people in the jobs you ultimately want, that ought to give you a better idea of the universities/degrees they usually obtained and the frequency of Ivy League degrees amongst these people would give you a good idea of how important they are in your field. That being said everywhere you listed is a top ranked school so I doubt there is a huge difference between them ultimately.

If you haven't already considered it I would also take a look at SOAS in London as they are renowned in the development/NGO world and offer a range of interesting development programmes.

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