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Emailing for an Update...

Gray Under Gray

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What's the "right" way to handle getting an update on the status of your application? Normally, I'd just wait it out, but one of my fully funded offers needs a decision by next week. Unfortunately, my top choices haven't given me much information yet... 

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11 minutes ago, prospectclin said:

maybe try emailing the grad secretary? i've done that a few times, ha

I guess my question has more to do with etiquette. I've heard from many different people that reaching out for an update is a faux pas, but now it's down to the wire and I don't really have a choice...??? 

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Reaching out for an update when you have another offer deadline is perfectly fine if you remain highly interested in their school. Don't do it if you have already decided to take another offer. But if you prefer this school equal to or more than the one you have an offer from, you should reach out. That school will want to know too, because if they want you, they wouldn't want to make an offer a day after you accept another one!

So, I would say this is encouraged as long as you do it in good faith as mentioned above. The wording could be something like,

"Dear X,

My name is ABC and I had submitted an application to the [name of your degree program]. I am very interested in this program but I have some other offers with a deadline of X. I was wondering if there is an estimate on a decision timeline so that I could request an extension on the deadline from the other programs."

You can choose stronger language still, but I prefer this one because it asks for information rather than makes a demand.

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