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I'm waiting, but do I have a chance?


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Hello! I feel depressed.... I'm just so worried about my application. Please help! I already applied some late-deadline (around April 1st) grad school for this fall (2017), for M.S. Here is my basic profile:

Undergraduate: GPA3.076, B.S. in biology (from U of Arizona)

GRE: V 141, Q 170, AW 3.0

Experience: 1 year lab tech, some related volunteer experience

References: Two professors (Animal Science & Biostatistics), and my supervisor (from the lab I'm working)

I applied U of Wyoming (M.S. Animal Science), U of Louisville (M.S. Biology), New Jersey Institute of Technology (M.S. Biology), Colorado State U (M.S. Animal Science), and U of Minnesota-Twin Cities (M.S. Animal Science).

No papers, 2.8 major GPA, Not looking for funding... just want to get a higher education...

Do you think I have a chance to get in any of those schools? :( Any evaluation... Any comments... Any advice.... Any words.... will be nice!!!!! Thank you!

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I Am going to be honest with you.  I'm sorry if this comes off as a bit harsh. I only mean well. But I have a vested interest because you are in my field. 

Your GPA is really low and your GRE is lackluster. My undergrad institution accepted low GPAs along with a near perfect GRE score on occasion(Eastern Washington U). 

I really don't think you will be able to get in on your credentials. You can study up on the GRE or subject specific GRE and say that you changed your tune, you wanted to get into higher education and worked hard. But it will be an uphill battle all the way.

If you really want to go into higher education consider going back and retaking a few classes you did poorly in or even spending a few years in the workforce and then going back and getting another degree. 

Finally. There is a reason grad schools don't accept low GPAs, you will be taking  very tough classes and expected to get a 3.0 or better. Do you think when you couldn't hack undergrad classes you'd be fine in grad classes? things to consider. 

(Also, I spent a year off from grad school working as a park ranger and hiking across the country through pristine wilderness. There's a lot of life out there. You can always go live it for a while too! Great for perspective).

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@ohmy_QI think you have chances in University of Wyoming and Louisville. Try to talk with professor in the related field of research.By the way your verbal score is too low but quantitative score can support.So, there is possibility for admission without funding.Have some faith in yourself.


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