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RCA vs Goldsmiths


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Hello to all

I am planning to start an MA/MFA in visual arts this upcoming fall and have been offered places both at RCA and at Goldsmiths. 

The program at RCA seems to relate more to my work and I had a better feel during my interview with them; but I like the possible interaction at Goldsmiths with other faculties and err...I'm still on the fence. (Note: I haven't studied arts into now and haven't been to London before). 

Has anyone attended any of these programs/could give some insight ?

many thanks in advance !

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I also interviewed at RCA and Goldsmiths. The major advantage at Goldsmiths as I see it is space to work. The RCA is cramped for space, but it also depends on the department and program you applied to. I can give you some info about the facilities tour I took at both if you're interested. Which program were you accepted into?

For me, I'm going with the RCA. The program there is more specifically related to my work and I feel that I have a lot to gain by working with the head professor. My interview with them was challenging but in a positive way that was meant to question my methods of working and understand my motives better. When I interviewed at Goldsmiths, one of the tutors took the stance of belittling to challenge the work. Equating one of my projects to a completely unrelated thing he did in grade school, and even mocking the pronunciation of my name. I left having stood up for my self and work, but ultimately having a bad taste in my mouth about the program. They do have great resources and facilities and most of the students I encountered seemed involved and challenged. I wanted to love it, but I didn't.

Talking with Londoners about the schools, it's a mixed bag on which is the better choice. RCA is generally more prestigious, and Goldsmiths is seen as highly conceptual. Both are great options to choose from. Good luck on your choice!


As for RCA vs RISD, I think that's a more complex question. It depends on what you're wanting out of your experience. At RISD you definitely get more dedicated space, as a personal studio is standard practice in the states. Providence vs London is really incomparable, but it is also important to question whether you want to leave with more connections in London and Europe or the U.S. The MA from RCA is internationally recognized so that shouldn't worry you. 




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Whatever the justification, I find it crappy to belittle someone's work. (Though I got none of it), this confrontative approach during interviews at Goldsmiths seems to be quite widespread . 

I'd be going for contemporary art practice. The stuff I do is not studio-based - or hasn't been until now - so that's not really an issue for me. What were your impressions concerning the facilities/ also the location within London ? I'd be curious to hear about that. 

And, by any means - congrats for being accepted to both :)


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