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CMU MS Robotics VS Stanford MSCS, want to continue to pursue a phd


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This is a similar post. But my situation is a bit different.

First of all, I am very afraid of coldness, so is the winter in CMU that intolerable? especially compared with Stanford.

Second question, (a large question)

I am interested in research, Computer vision and deep learning.

I want to pursue a PhD (at CS top 4 schools) and do not want to work after my masters program. And I do not have any interest in startups.

CMU MS Robotics is a research program, so that applying a phd would be easier? (I am not sure about this point). But Stanford MSCS is a general program. It seems that its course load is heavier than CMU.

As mentioned in the above post, is it true, that CMU would treat its masters student better? Anyway, it's an old post and I think Adamah has a different research interest.

Stanford has less faculty than CMU, and many of its faculty is engaged in industry. So my Stanford PoI's group is usually very large, about 20 people. Would that make an MS student get less attention? 


Considering the weather, I would probably go to Stanford, but is it that hard to be admitted from a top 4 university after the Masters program, a PhD in Computer Vision and Deep Learning? 

I will appreciate all of your opinions!




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I think CMU MS Robotics is the better choice. You should contact the administrators you're in touch with at each school and ask them what percentage of students landed an RAship. Doing an RAship is essential if you want to pursue a PhD at a top program. The CMU MS Robotics will be 100% because it is a program requirement, with probably ~90% of the students receiving funding. Stanford's rate will be lower. You could try talking to faculty at Stanford now and seeing if any of them would be interested in taking you as an RA if you go there, but you will probably not get any firm commitments.

My statements about CMU treating their MS Robotics students the same as PhD students is still true. As an example, there are two different grad-level intro. to machine learning courses as CMU: 10-601 and 10-701. 10-601 is the more practical version, intended mostly for MS students. 10-701 is the PhD-level course for those interested in ML. The MS Robotics counts only 10-701 toward your course requirements (or you can take an AI course instead of the ML course).

Regarding the cold weather, that's a personal preference, but I personally don't think you should base your career on which school has better weather.

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