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Schedule Conflicts. What to do??


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So here's what happened:

I got invited to an interview weekend at University A back in January, which (of course) I said yes to. I recently heard from another school and my POI made me an unofficial offer (lets call is University B). The visiting weekend of Univ.B happens to be the same weekend of Univ.A, both of which I would really like to attend. I think the best thing for me to do is to attend the interviews (the actual interviews) at Univ.A and skip the rest of the weekend (activities and such) to go to Univ.B?

However, what I don't know is what to say to Univ A. Should I be completely honest with them about getting an offer from another school? Will that hurt my chance of getting accepted at Univ A since I already said I'd attend their full interview weekend.

p.s. these are two of my favorite schools and I really won't be able to decide until I visit both schools.

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