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CMU ECE PhD Decision

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I applied to CMU for admission to Ph.D. in ECE, specializing in DSP. I applied for the fall 2017 term.

I haven't heard back from them. I have been contacting them every fortnight and all I get is the generic "do-not-reply" kind of email response.

In addition, the online portal has remained unchanged since the completion of the application.

Is this normal? Is there any other way of checking my decision?

Also, can I still hope to get an admit after this delay?

Thanks in advance!

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I remember when I applied to CMU's MS in ECE program, I did not get any response even into May - June 2016. Finally I sent them an angry email CC'ing the Dean of Admission and Dean of Engineering, and they finally sent me my rejection letter. I've lost a lot of respect for CMU.

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