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Stats PhD Chances



Need some help, thought I'd make an account an ask...Do I have any chance of getting into a decent Stats PhD?

I'm a junior attending an "elite" US institution (top 15), but don't have a solid GPA (3.54). I'm majoring in Stats and Economics, and my major GPA is around a 3.6. I've taken calculus and linear algebra, but have no advanced math classes, although I do plan on taking real analysis in the Fall. I have no research experience. I don't have a great relationship with any of my professors.


...All that said, how screwed am I? I literally never considered a PhD before this month, so I never bothered to research or do anything. At this point, I'm left coasting on my university's name, which I'm still not sure will get me anywhere. If anyone could chance me in general and recommend me schools that I could actually get into, I would be highly appreciative.


Edit: Haven't taken the GRE yet, but I'm expecting a 90% percentile+ in the Quantitative section...I feel like the only thing I can do is standardized tests. I'll probably look into the Math GRE subject test as well and try to study over the summer...

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I am also applying to PhD Statistics programs this fall and I am not an expert by any means but I have some advice.   I would take a practice GRE very soon (if you haven't already) to see where you are at.  My goal is 157+ on verbal and 165+ on quantative (quant).  The GRE quant section has some quirks with format and content so I would definitely start studying for it.   If you haven't booked a date for the test by now do it very soon because dates fill up.   I am applying to middle tier and lower tier schools (Baylor, Rice, Florida State, South Carolina, Kansas State, SMU) and Duke (which is a reach) and that score seems to be competitive for domestic students.    I would try to get letters from past professors.  Find one that is approachable and try to get them to help you through the process.  Figure out what schools the professors at your college went to.  They may have connections at University X where their dissertation advisor is now the graduate program director or head of the admission committee. If you think have an idea of your focus  (applied statistics, probability theory,  biostatistics,  financial statistics, etc. etc.)  try to look for a program that fits your  ideal specialty.  If all you know is that you want to be a statistician don't apply to niche schools and go somewhere broad (Rice and UT would be broad programs).  

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