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Milieu Therapy Question


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Hi everyone,

I've got a question. I'm currently studying psychology which was my academic entry choice because a year ago I still didn't know how I could monetize my interests in the human mind and behaviors. Recently I've been doing research on addiction therapy, and I came across this article: https://addictionresource.com/treatment/milieu-therapy/ and I got really interested because that seems like it could help people on a larger scale (I'm currently thinking- addict cities, a bit excessive I presume) than one-on-one therapy. It also touches other areas I'm really interested in - sociology, a bit of logistics.

So here's the question: has anyone had any experience in this field, heard about this type of therapy (I believe it's different from what most rehab facilities propose), and possibly does anyone have a second degree proposition?


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I just saw this post, and wanted to give you an answer. So sorry for re-awaking a dead thread!

 Milieu therapy is most definitely used the rehab facilities. It is an additive to most therapeutic approaches in any residential setting including crisis centers, all inclusive residential treatment centers, host homes, etc. The goal is to provide extra structure and responsibility. That way a client can learn their ADL's, develop autonomy, and have a sense of control in a healthier way. The milieu therapy often looks like household chores, budgeting, nutrition planning, etc. However, it is not in lieu of other psychotherapeutic treatments it is in addition to them. So they will also have mental health counselors, case managers, etc., assisting with other areas of treatment.  

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