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Those accepted last year, do you have any more insight?


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I know the forum doesn't have much activity during this time of the year, however I am getting all my things together early/researching as much as I can due to my limitation of not being able to travel. I'm planning on applying this upcoming fall to a few different programs, mainly with a painting focus.

My question is for those of you who were accepted last year and have had a semester at your program can you give more insight? Getting most up to date information is important, rather than reading from experiences from lets say 2012. 

I'm interested in hearing everyones opinions, but the schools I'm interested in are:





SUNY Purchase



Portland State



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Glad to see this topic. What I recommend is not on your list, but I would like to talk about that you so-called the insight. It is the painting program at the Indiana University in Bloomington. I feel I am so lucky to get in here. It is full funding for almost all MFA students this year. For painting graduates, it is TWO YEARS FULL funding! Yeah, I know we don't want to get in a MFA just for the funding. That is what I want to talk about. The program are very tolerant. The young professor chair is intellectual and supportive. The visiting professor, Erin Ikeler, is an excellent artist. Her works are definitely cool! The range of professors from the traditional to the avant-garde are perfect to MFA learners. 

Anyway, I'd like to contribute to the forum. I applied for three years and got a lot of useful info. Good luck for everyone!

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