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  1. I believe having diversity for diversity sake is the wrong approach. Each school seems to foster a different type of working environment, supporting different types of communities, and varying practices. In my opinion a school should continue to attract the most interesting artists, and accept these artists based on work, rather than background. One would think any engaged artist in the current climate has some consideration of these issues, regardless of their own background. Of course there is more than enough writing on the relationship between art and politics, and more than enou
  2. I believe you probably received my offer from Tyler that I had turned down. I don't know too much about Berkeley, but Tyler is a great school. It was a hard decision to turn them down, Professor Glahn was very kind and knows his stuff. I do think Tyler fits a certain type of painter though, so if you would like to message me to show or talk about your work I could give you more feedback... A fullride is very hard to turn down..Tyler is pretty costly tbh, you could also inquire about more financial aid. Let me know! Happy to continue this conversation.
  3. I have accepted a position at Bard for the painting discipline. This means a spot will open up at Tyler. I hope someone receives good news soon.
  4. Having a tough time deciding between Bard and Tyler. Tyler is offering more money, but Bard is..well Bard. I know I could make it work whichever program I choose, however a little background is I have not been living in New York so Bard might be a bit difficult leaving the 2 month residency to find a job and space to live/work right after. My undergrad professor recently told me she heard there was discontentment within Tyler. I want to study under Dona Nelson, she teaches at both Bard and Tyler. Thoughts on both programs? (painting)
  5. I was notified yesterday via. email. (I guess it's a great (stressful) problem, yes!)
  6. Anyone have personal opinions/experience regarding Tyler's MFA Painting program? I was accepted, however I am on the waitlist for another program and would like to have more time incase I am admitted before I make a decision. Tyler is asking for a decision by March 23rd, and I've been told the waitlist for this program may go on until the end of April.
  7. Waitlisted @ Bard as well (painting) hoping to get an offer
  8. Damn, that's unfortunate, how often does that happen? I'm lucky to have a friend drive me up from Philly. Are you by chance interviewing for painting?
  9. Welp, that concludes my notifications. Rejected from Yale and Rutgers Interviewing at Tyler and Bard
  10. I didn't apply to a "safety school" simply for this reason of "settling." I think it only adds toward self-doubt, but we all have different goals. If your goal is to just get into a school I think it's a great idea to have a safety school, however, if you want something very specific out of graduate study I think it's better to eliminate the idea of a safety school. Looking back on this process of applying, I've learned a lot. The schools I set out on applying during the beginning of the process has drastically changed, and even now I wished I had applied to other schools vs. the ones I d
  11. Just upon first impressions and some of the research I've done with schools outside of the U.S., Glasgow seems to be a much more interesting school. As far as painters go, I've heard RCA has very small studios. Of course funding rules over all. Congratulations though, not a bad situation to be in. Rejected from Yale as well (:
  12. Likewise, congratulations to everyone making the next step toward interviews. Would love to see work from painting applicants.
  13. Finally submitted my last application. In the end I feel the whole process of applying has negatively affected me in a way I'm not even sure how lol. Let's see how this all turns out
  14. Okay cool, just wanted to double check I wasn't missing something. As for the description of the image, seems kind of vague. Any idea what they would possibly want from this? (not some inner narrative about each piece of work I'm sure?)
  15. Happy New Years everyone! Hope everyone's applications are going over smoothly. I had a quick question about Yale's portfolio upload requirements. I can't seem to find information on px dimension restrictions? I am currently just going with 1200 as the longest px dimension. I am concerned because when you upload images and look at the preview, it's not as clear as the original file and I was curious if it's because I need a smaller px dimension. Am I just not reading the bulletin carefully? Or do they just not specify anywhere?
  16. 213214325

    MFA in Germany

    Could you shed some light onto your decision making to go with this program? I read on their page that it's also a 10 semester study?? Looks like a fantastic opportunity.
  17. Hello, I know the forum doesn't have much activity during this time of the year, however I am getting all my things together early/researching as much as I can due to my limitation of not being able to travel. I'm planning on applying this upcoming fall to a few different programs, mainly with a painting focus. My question is for those of you who were accepted last year and have had a semester at your program can you give more insight? Getting most up to date information is important, rather than reading from experiences from lets say 2012. I'm interested in hearing everyones o
  18. Man I hear you on this. The art world is not a place for integrity, authenticity, romantics, etc. Although many artist embody these types of ideas, were forced to bring them into society, which as you have pointed out has many ailments. You really have to dig deep inside and ask yourself why you are doing this. Everyone going crazy on social media, turning their practices into a factory line of sorts. Quantity over quality is my observation. However this is just my opinion. Art has always reflected culture, but I feel the distinction is becoming smaller. Riding your bike through the Neder
  19. Hey Thanks for the feedback. I definitely am guilty of not looking at schools within North Carolina. I really just want to get out. However I may take a look now that you mentioned the teaching component. You know the economy isn't going to stay relatively "okay" forever, job security is pretty important so I really do want a program that assists in getting some good teaching experience or even lead to a full time position quite quickly. However, location is a big thing for me as I am still young and don't want to be stuck in North Carolina forever. Where from NC are you from?
  20. Yeah I took a look at SUNY and it seems like a hidden gem, for almost all aspects (size, tuition, faculty, teaching experience). As far as rutgers go, don't know much about the brunswick area, seems kind of random? Then again I don't know much about New Jersey in general.
  21. @7edkim Great advice and input, really appreciate it. UChicago is definitely on my radar now. I've honestly been very interested in anthropology, and would have possibly majored in it during my undergrad if I could have a do-over. As far as art scenes go, I definitely have a strong dislike in the LA art scene. I've visited New York quite a few times, however when it comes to those international scenes I'm lost. Which is also another overwhelming option when considering school in Europe. I mentioned this to sylviecerise above, but I forgot to add in my post I'm also interested in programs
  22. @sylviecerise Hey thanks for the input, much appreciated. I will certainly take a look at those schools you mentioned. As far as interdisciplinary focused programs, I just assumed at a grad level most programs support that way of working if it becomes the natural next step. However, I guess it is important to consider the faculty at each program, and whether or not they have reputable experience working interdisciplinary, rather than just a direct focus on painting. I also forgot to mention both my parents are professors in economics, so teaching has always been a strong interest of mine
  23. Hi everyone, first off I apologize if this is not the right place for this topic or if it has already been discussed. I'm literally brand new, made the account today. A little about myself, I graduated from my undergrad this past december from Appalachian State University, a small school in the mountains of North Carolina. I moved to Albuquerque NM to take a year off and build new work in solitude. My plan is to apply for a graduate program in painting this upcoming cycle. I am a little overwhelmed with all the options, and need some advice on how to REALLY research a program besides read
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