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Cal State MSW vs UC MSW Accept CSU or wait for UC?!?!

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Here is the scenario I'm trying to work out in my head...

I'm applying to like 5 CSUs for their MSW programs, all programs have an application period from October to late January. Notifications are often on a rolling basis, meaning you apply early you hear back early. You also have an advantage by applying early because there are more open spots and it sounds like it becomes more competitive the closer to the deadline admission notification goes. Some people hear back as early as February, many hear back in March.

All of the MSW grad programs have a time limit to accept, usually between one and two weeks after notification. So if I am to find out the good news that I was accepted to CSULA in mid February, I would have till basically the 1st of March to decide, but that means I would be missing out on other schools that notify later, like UCLA.

The UCLA MSW program is my top choice. UCLA does not send out acceptance notifications till mid to late March.

I'm worried I will hear back from a few great CSU grad programs with good news early because I plan to apply early to give myself that advantage, but then will have to give up on UCLA. UCLA might not even take me, but there is a good chance as I have a high GPA and some pretty good experience, it would be a dream come true to go there but you never know, they might not admit me.

What is the penalty for accepting admission to a CSU MSW program and then cancelling it after finding out you got into UCLA?

What are your thoughts about this problem?

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First of all, you are thinking wayy ahead (I am assuming this is regarding 2018 application round). Apply to UC and CSUs and see which ones you get in. You can accept the offer from CSU if that comes first and cancel it when you get accepted to UCLA. Only thing in that scenario would be you losing your deposit. 

You need to apply to about 5~8 institutions so apply to 6 schools (including UCLA) and see if any of the institutions offer you funding. That might change things for you if you are concerned about financial side. You can also defer if you get into CSUs and wait for UCLA. 

Anyways, focus on your applications and don't assume that you will be accepted to CSUs 

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