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US Statistics PhD Chances for a Canadian

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I'm a Canadian entering my fourth year of undergrad and I think I'll get into any school I desire in Canada. I'm looking at top US schools that are in cities I'd enjoy living in, and have research interests matching mine. For instance, my one supervisor is close with some people at Cornell and would like me to go there for OR but I'm not living in Ithaca for 5 years. I know from looking at past profiles I seem like a strong candidate but it's hard to say since I'm Canadian, so any thoughts you guys have would be much appreciated.

Undergrad Institution: One of the top 5 math schools in Canada 
Major: Financial Mathematics (offered in the statistics department here)
Cumulative GPA: 3.96/4.00
Major GPA: 4.00/4.00
Type of Student: White Male
Upper Division Courses:
Math: Multivariable Calc (A+), Advanced Linear Algebra (A+), ODE (A+), PDE (A+), Numerical Analysis (A+), Probability Theory (A+), Statistical Theory (A+), Real Analysis (A+), Optimization (A+)
CS: Algorithms (A+)
I will have a Measure Theory course and a graduate course in Stochastic Processes by the time I graduate, along with the usual fourth year stats courses. 
Lowest mark in my entire degree is an A- (took a film course for breadth requirements).
GRE: 167Q, 163V, 4.5W
Not writing the subject test.
Research Experience: Summer research project in Queuing theory and simulation

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: NSERC USRA (same idea as an REU in the states)

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Insurance Analyst intern, Telecommunications Data Analyst intern
Letters of Recommendation:
-Two statistics professors (both were supervisors for me during my USRA)
-Analysis professor (knows me quite well, is also the chair of the math department here)
Plan to apply to (Phd Statistics Programs):
Toronto, Chicago, Columbia, Penn, MIT (Operations Research), and Waterloo (MMath first)  
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Not much to say, really. You're a strong candidate, so you should apply to all the good places in the places you'd like to live. Stanford is a tough nut to crack for Canadians, but seems like a logical addition to your list (though you might have to take the Math GRE, which is a pain).

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