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Differing historical opinions w/ POI


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I was wondering what you all thought of a writing sample that slightly (but respectfully and with evidence) disagrees with part of a POI's work. 

Basically, the argument is like this: My POI says X happened Y way from the 1830s onward. I say X happened Z way from the late 1840s onward.

We both submit to the same idea, but just differ on its time frame. 

Do you think they would stop reading? Take offense? Have their interested piqued? 

I imagine they will respectfully disagree with me (and rightfully, they wrote a whole peer-reviewed book on it), but does that adversely affect my chances at admission? 

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Yes and no.  Depends on the POI's humility level and the student's willingness to defer to the POI's opinions until dissertation stage.  Until you take your candidacy exams, you listen to the opinions of your professors.  Vast majority of scholars will not see PhD students as intellectual equals until students achieve PhD candidacy or the degree itself.  

If you have evidence and use it in your writing sample, the POI can then decide if s/he wants to work with you.  It is perfectly okay to disagree with an adviser but  you don't want to get to the point where you simply cannot work together because the disagreement is so fundamental.  Also, keep in mind, your POI may not care so much about the questions you want to bring in because the book is done and s/he has moved on.  

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