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Utah State Online Leveling Program

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A friend of mine is starting the leveling courses for Utah State Online.  I was wondering if any of you had pointers for him.  Which classes were the hardest?  Easiest?  Which had a lot of work, which did not?  Which classes required the book and which classes did not require needing the course book?  Any other tips about classes and the program would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!  

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Hardest classes for me were 5070 (Speech Science), 5200 (Language Assessment & Intervention), and the 2 A&P courses. Easiest were 3700 (Audiology), 5330 (Aural Rehabilitation), and 5100 (Language Science aka Grammar 101). A lot of people find 3500 (Phonetics) easy and 2500 (Language Development) hard but for me it was the other way around.

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