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Applying to top Div schools--


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Hi All:

Applying to M.A./M.T.S. programs at top divinity schools this year. Actually, there are only a few schools with my concentration, which is broadly in the field of Hindu ethics. I'll only be applying to a few schools, but my top choices are Harvard and Yale as they have specialists in my area.

I have a 3.8 GPA from a small school on the West Coast, a very strong litany of experiences being chair of my school's multi-religious organization, speak four languages including ancient and modern languages relevant to my discipline, completed a U.S. Student Fulbright grant in India, and have what I think is an incredible SOP as well as excellent LORs. I feel there is only one major setback to my success as an applicant: my GRE score. I scored 154Q 156V 5.0AWA. I know these scores aren't jaw dropping, but they aren't horrible either. Can you please comment on my situation?

Thanks so much

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Hello, everyone! I am applying to HDS this year (MTS). I am particularly excited about the fact that their Gender and Sexuality concentration takes on a feminist approach. However, I am worried about my catastrophic quant score on GRE (140) and my average AWA score (4.0). My GPA aint that good as well (3.1). 

Great SoP, LoRs and work experience though. 

Do I stand a chance? 

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A mentor professor told me to look at graduate students currently enrolled in programs I was interested in. If my accomplishments were a fairly good match, then the program should go on my list of programs to apply for. I looked at Harvard's English PhD students, and their accomplishments were so many, that I knew there was no way I would be competitive. Most had published in journals prior to being admitted, and they had many presentations at notable conferences, as well. I knew that although I had one major conference, the rest were smaller regional conferences. As a result, even though I had excellent GRE scores and GPA, I did not apply to Harvard. I have no idea what the current students in HDS look like or even how to assess their abilities, but it's your field.

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I think Harvard is a good fit for you but not Yale. (I went to both schools) Hindu ethics at Yale? Admissions Committee at YDS will be surprised to see your application. You have a very good shot at HDS. Great GPA and your GRE is fine. I have a friend who was accepted with lower verbal score though he went to other school.

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