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Am I A Good MPP Candidate?

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I've recently been thinking about getting an MPP degree. I was initially looking into law school but soon came to realize that public policy (specifically educational policy) is where my passion ultimately lies. However, I worry that my background will not be enough to gain admittance into most MPP programs. 

Fast Facts: 

  • Senior History Major from Creighton University (minors in political science and digital humanities)
    • 3.6 major gpa, 3.38 total gpa
  • No GRE scores yet but practice tests indicate I will be above the minimum threshold 
  • Limited Math and Econ Expierence 
    • B+ in Micro junior year
    • Virtually no math experience since high school 
  • Soft Skills
    • Leadership Position in Fraternity
    • Volunteered for local mayoral campaign 
    • College Democrats 


I realize this list is barebones, but I'm simply wondering if MPP programs will even show interest in me given my hard liberal arts focus and relatively weak econ/stats/math background. Any information you can provide would be extremely helpful as most of the departments and faculty here are clueless as to what MPP programs typically look for. 



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Before reading my comments, please note that I am applying to PhD programs, so I'm not really sure what MPP programs are looking for.

1) What schools are you planning on applying to? If so, what is the "minimum threshold" for GRE scores?

2) Your GPA is a bit low. Because of this, it's imperative that you do well on the GRE, especially the quantitative portion. 

3) With a very limited math and statistics background, again, you need to do well on the quantitative portion of the GRE to demonstrate that you'll be able to take graduate methodology courses. 

4) I don't know for certain, but I don't think that the "soft skills" you identify will make an application stick out. By all means, put them on your application, but my sense is that most graduate programs are looking for other things (see above).

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