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I take the GRE in 6 days. I'd like some advice on how my remaining time would best be spent studying (specifically math). I'm using Magoosh, and while I do great on the easy/medium questions, I really struggle with the hard or very hard ones. Should I continue practicing and mastering these medium level questions or should I focus on learning the hard ones? 

Also, I plan on applying to Ph.D. counseling psychology programs. Does anyone know how much GRE scores matter or how much weight is given to them for these kinds of programs? 

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It helps to see what kinds of questions on Magoosh math you struggled with. If it is a particular concept then you could certainly do more review on it. Some of the very hard ones were quite unnecessary in my opinion. Yet  with Magoosh, working excessively on the same level of questions do not help significantly as the formats they have becomes too familiar to you soon. I think you could certainly use some of the original ETS program sets such as powerprep online to prepare a few days before the test. 

Some of the schools list their program requirement and talk about how they evaluate candidates so you might try to look for it. I remember seeing a program in my area (quantitative psychology) placing GRE as having the secondary importance, less than research experience and PS, but certainly not ignorable. A higher score is certainly better in any case...

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Wow! I have been preparing GRE for like 2 months now, and still I am way behind my targeted score.

Anyway, Preped provides a score that guarantees you 2-weeks of preparation. It is also authored by Nova Press, which is a really good source for GRE Practice Tests in Amazon. Here is the link: https://www.preped.com/program/nova-press-gre-course . Preped also offer free practice tests for you to check :)

Also, I have tried getting the Magoosh 7-day free trial. It is totally great and loving it.

Currently working on Kaplan. So, I have a total of 3 sources to help me be prepared of my GRE!

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