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Scholarships/fellowships in Canada


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Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any fellowship/scholarships in Canada (other than the obvious Tri-Council/OGS/FRQ). I want to maximize my chances for funding, but I don't know if any other opportunities exist. I'm in clinical psychology if anyone knows of anything relevant, but I'd be interested in hearing from people in other fields as well because it might help someone else! 

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The ones you named are basically the entirety of the large governmental (federal and provincial) sources.

There are also awards from non-profit (usually) organizations or "foundations" that fund specific research in line with their goals. For example, a major one in the humanities and social sciences is the Trudeau Doctoral Scholarship: http://www.trudeaufoundation.ca/en/programs/doctoral-scholarships

I don't think this one applies to you (but since you asked for general stuff that can help others, I wanted to name this one since it's a very big award). Most of the awards in this category are usually smaller though (less than $10k/year). But you can combine them with TA or other awards.

Another one is the MITACS Accelerate: https://www.mitacs.ca/en/programs/accelerate This one is open to all fields, so maybe it can apply to you, however the research is done with a MITACS partner organization (in industry). MITACS is an organization with the goals of connecting academia with industry. 

There are also departmental or institutional awards that you might be considered for along with your application (i.e. not something you'd apply to before applying to schools).

One way to find out about awards you might have missed is to read your department's page for prospective or incoming grad students. Sometimes it's on the page for new grad students too. Most schools are interested in you winning outside awards so they try to provide as much info as possible! 

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