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Took GRE twice - quant is till low. should I apply?


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So I've been studying a lot for my GREs when I first took them in September. First score was 162V and 153Q and 5 Essay. Then I got Magoosh and started studying like crazy for a month - focusing mostly on math. I did most practice problems and watched most videos. Two days before the test, got hit by a car while riding a bike - but I kept to my appt. The result on the second test - 166V, 153Q (!!!!!!!). I'm heartbroken. The first application deadline is Dec. 1 and I don't have the time to retake. Should I even apply? 

GPA - 3.7/4

Uni: University of Washington, Seattle

Major: Phil/Accounting

Work Experience: 2 years accounting, 3 years running a program in solar non-profit

Applying to: UC Berkeley MPP, UChicago MPP, Duke MPP, Michigan MPP. 

Is it a waste of my money to apply? 

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What are the average quant scores like for those programs?  If you aren't too far out of the ballpark, maybe try to emphasize the quantitative skills you've gained from your accounting coursework and work experience in your statement of purpose.  I am in a similar situation and I'm trying a this tactic (based on the advice I've seen on this Forum). 

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Hey so_stressy. It's never too late to improve your GRE quant score. Since you're likely looking to make improvements to your GRE quant score in a short period of time, I'd recommend a focused approach to studying. To do well on the GRE Quantitative section, you don’t need to be a math genius — but you do need to have access to the best resources for GRE math prep!

Here's a link to a guide going over the pros and cons of 18 different study resources for the GRE. Hope this helps you!


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