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Anyone applying to MIT EECS PhD programme this year? Does anybody know when they'll start considering applications? Results on the gradcafe main site vary in dates every year. 

I'd guess February? January if they invite you to an interview?

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I just got this generic email from MIT EECS:


Thank you for applying to our graduate program in EECS at MIT.  Our graduate admissions committee is working diligently in the evaluation of all applications.  We wish to share two pieces of information with you.

1. Admission notifications will be issued over a period of time and completed by the end of February.
2. For applicants who are admitted into our graduate program, our
visit days begin the evening of Tuesday, March 6th and end late afternoon on Thursday, March 8.

Thank you again for your submission.

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My guess is they received a lot of emails of people asking their status, so they just sent a mass email telling everyone to wait. 

I hope they're not taking longer than the previous years because that would mean there are even more applicants...

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