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  1. Thanks a lot for the detailed post! My country has a tax treaty with the US and I will see if this brings any benefits. It's a shame that the $4k deduction has been eliminated, I think international students will struggle more from now on.
  2. My campus visit invitation specifically says you can bring a spouse or partner if you'd like so (obviously you're responsible for paying their expenses), maybe yours also mention some information about this? You can visit around during the day and then celebrate in the evening for example!
  3. Hi, I know little to nothing about the tax situation in the US and I'm trying to calculate how much I would pay in tax when I'll move there to do my PhD. It will be in Boston, MA. From what I understand tuition is not taxed (thankfully), but monthly stipend is. Is yearly medical insurance taxed? Are there any form of deductions for students, apart from the personal allowance? Thanks to anyone that can help me shed some light on this!
  4. Thank you! Don't despair, there are other rounds of acceptances!
  5. https//calendars.mit.edu/eecs and then click on "All Rooms".
  6. Hi, There seems to be a problem in posting results. If you only input the GPA without putting anything in the GRE, the GPA is not shown (there is no "diamond" to hover over) in the final post. I'm not sure if it's random or actually related to the fact I didn't put anything in the GRE fields.
  7. Thank you, it was my dream group! I got it at 10.35 Boston time!
  8. MIT results are out! And I've been admitted! Still shaking, it was my only application!
  9. I'm in! I'm still shaking! This was my only application, such a long shot!
  10. Yeah, it looks like the certificate expired.
  11. I found out my mobile plan doesn't allow me to make international calls outside of Europe, only receive them. So unfortunately I couldn't. EDIT: I sent them an email. I don't expect an answer, but at least I made them aware that internationals that want to attend the visit days would benefit from knowing early.
  12. They're just having a meeting about it. Not the visit days themselves.
  13. They're having a "Visit Days meeting" today https://calendars.mit.edu/Pages/CalendarViews/MonthView.aspx?OrganizationId=9&RoomId=64
  14. That's kind of disappointing. The year I apply they take longer than usual to respond... I might actually call tomorrow. The issue for me is that in the case I am admitted (!) I would like to attend the visit days and since I'm international, the sooner I know, the better it is to organize the trip.
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