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NY Schools -- how does the TSSLD work?

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Does anyone know how the TSSLD works -- specifically for TC Columbia, NYC and New York Medical College?

I've heard we need to have taken courses in these subjects: Math, Science, History, English, and Foreign Language

But, do we need to have taken courses in ALL of those subjects? Or is it enough to have just taken one or two?

Also, would statistics count as a math course?

Any insight would be much appreciated!




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You don't need to have all of them completed in order for these schools to accept you because they're not listed as pre-reqs (unlike Hunter). But it's recommended that you complete them before starting grad school because you'll be so busy during grad school talking additional courses would be a struggle.

It has to be pure math (algebra, calculus, etc.). If you don't want to take a class you can take the CLEP exam to fulfill these requirements.

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