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  1. Thanks for your response! As I understand it, Munk seeks to prepare its grads for employment abroad, and to increase those rates as a long-term goal. This attracts me given the work I wish to pursue. What is more, I think that I would be generally dissatisfied without the quantitative skills garnered with the MGA, and would seek those out in some way shape or form after the MAGG anyway-- which increases the overall opportunity cost. Finally, the program is extremely innovative and they review its core components every few years (hence why they added "Financial Management for Global Organizations), which ensures that you, as a student, are as presentable as possible, professionally and academically. Thanks! And absolutely, I agree it is important to weigh this properly.
  2. I am torn between BSIA's MAGG and the MGA at Munk. The MAGG is fully funded and includes a fellowship and internship; on the other, the MGA has more professional coursework, inclusive of economics and financial management, in addition to its internship component—which leads me to think it provides better employment opportunities, which I am willing to sacrifice funding for. Thoughts?
  3. I also received this. It reads in a way that indicates the committee will reconvene at a later date to dole out (what remains of?) the MGA scholarship pool.
  4. Congratulations! Only that the admissions committee will be meeting separately to determine precisely such-- and yours?
  5. Just received an e-mail with an acceptance from Munk!
  6. Not to worry! I was merely curious, as this person may be outside of the loop
  7. Uoft MPP acceptance received via e-mail with funding information; Good luck to all those who applied!
  8. Also in the same boat: my status is now "Decision Made" for the Uoft MPP. I suppose we will see what happens on Wednesday.
  9. Congratulations! I also received a phone call this morning from BSIA, with additional information forthcoming.