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  1. The deadline to respond to offers for the MPPGA was March 30, if that helps! They will likely send out another round of offers soon.
  2. I'll be considering off-campus housing to experience more of the city! It seems that there are quite a few options close to campus, and hopefully it will be cheaper as well.
  3. Congratulations on your acceptances! I was also rejected from Oxford, but I was just accepted into LSE's MPA program. I'm also concerned about the funding for the program....it's definitely a pricey one!
  4. Ooh good luck!! I applied for the Master of Public Policy; I received the rejection email yesterday. They received 762 applicants for 120 spots, so my hopes weren't too high haha
  5. Congrats to those who were accepted into Munk! I was also accepted I'll have to make some pro/con lists for UBC vs. UoT. On another note, I was rejected from Oxford (but that's fine!).
  6. Congrats on the UOttawa offers On a side note about Munk, no email today, but my status on ACORN updated! I'm taking it as a good sign...hopefully tomorrow will be the day we hear back. My status is still 'Under Review' though.
  7. http://portal.publicpolicy.utoronto.ca/EN/MPPMPAPROGRAMS/TORONTOMUNK/Pages/default.aspx (Altas of Public Policy and Management) I just came across this website, but I thought it may be helpful for some who are comparing different schools and programs It looks like they have profiles for Munk, NPSIA, etc.
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