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city girl

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  1. I am still under review. Still no closure.....
  2. For now, I am just checking out The MARQ.
  3. I should start looking for a place in waterloo.
  4. Du, I understood your point.
  5. We can leave that for a different forum. Back to academics ...........
  6. The experience resembles camping outside Mtv for Justin Timberlake tickets, which I did when I was thirteen.
  7. Du,lmao! Happy one month of waiting! Clearly pulling too many all-nighters. Philosophy exam tonight
  8. lmao,jokes! Just trolling. so sick of waiting
  9. Hi almondmilk44, I apologize my post was not clear. The program is not a rolling app. I may have been confused with other programs/schools I have been applying too that are rolling applications. Anyways, it does not alleviate my frustration that my app is still 'under review'. There is no indication about my status. waiting it out! waiting it out! "Once all applications have been reviewed, we will begin making offers of admission. First round offers are typically made by early March, and admissions continue in rounds until the class is full, at which point unsuccessful candidates will be notified by e-mail. All Admissions communications will be done via e-mail, with prepared offer of admission packages sent in PDF format."
  10. DanelBean, I am in the same boat. My application is still under review. Its a first-come-first-served system. I submitted two days before the deadline to ensure the application was at its best quality. Not surprise, I am in the second round of applications. I am nervous but I am strong.