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  1. For the past several years (something like 7), the LBJ school has given in-state tuition to everyone. The UT system has the second largest endowment of any school in the country. Something like $24 Billion.
  2. I talked to someone that I know at the school yesterday because I was a bit concerned that people aren't hearing back. She clarified that there are some people who would not have heard anything yet due to the rolling admissions process. She did stress, though, that anyone with questions or concerns (or who applied early in the applications process but who still hasn't heard) should reach out directly so that they can be aware of any problems that might have stopped your notification and so they can help resolve your concerns.
  3. I only had a 160 Quant, but had a 170 verbal, so that was a piece of it. I think what it came down to for me was experience. By the time I start school in the fall, I'll have 6 years of experience working in nonprofits, plus I'm on two boards for three and four years now. That and just finding the right way to sell myself despite the lack of Quant background. I think creating a strong narrative is extremely valuable.
  4. Why are you deciding against Berkeley?
  5. I feel like, other than Chicago and, to a lesser extent, Michigan, that was my expectation for almost every program. Harvard and Berkeley had their applications due two weeks before LBJ's and I only heard from them the week before I heard from LBJ.
  6. Is your goal to be prepared for the program or to get in? I can't say how prepared I will be for the program, and I didn't apply to Stanford or Columbia, but I got into HKS and I haven't taken a math class since I graduated high school 12 years ago. I got a 160 on the GRE quant, so it's not like I had a huge showing there either. Also, nothing in my job history is really related to quantitative work. Having to submit a quantitative resume was pretty depressing. I guess what I'm saying is that it's not the end of the line if you don't have a quant background, as long as you have other experience that bolsters your application.
  7. If you don't have to make a decision right now, why withdraw or accept someone else? I found this process frustrating, but it's still a great program. I don't know what has gone on the admissions department this year, because this isn't normal, but, living in Austin, I have several close friends who go to LBJ and this is not ordinary for the school. I worry that it has to do with some software error. If it's your number one pick, and if you love chipsandqueso, it's worth giving another call.
  8. I'm facing a very similar decision so I can't help much (mostly putting off any deciding until I hear about HKS aid). One thing I'm making sure to look at, though, is the availability for GSI and GRA positions. Berkeley is known for being very generous with those positions and they cover something like 60% of in-state tuition or 40% of out-of-state tuition. I would try to narrow some down. I made a spreadsheet with all of the tuition costs and fees and cost of living, along with any scholarships and savings that I had to see what each of the schools would cost me. It's easier (still really difficult) to make a decision if you know exactly how the costs will compare. I got 15k a year off of Chicago, but once I did the calculations realized that it was only a couple thousand different from Berkeley without any funding. The 15k I got off of Michigan meant it would be about 30k total less than Chicago once cost of living factored in, and Ford is known to be better for GSI and GRA positions.
  9. Got my official letter last night. I didn't realize that the DoA was writing personalized letters on them. I just assumed he was slapping on a signature. That was a real nice touch. Also got a call from a current student last night. I missed it because I was in a board meeting but I'm excited to call her back tonight. I'm going to be so crushed in a week and a half when they tell me I didn't get any funding and I have to choose to go somewhere else.
  10. Have they still not told you? Admitted students weekend is in like 4 days.
  11. I will attest to the fact that work experience and building a narrative are far more important than the name of your major. I certainly do not attribute my admissions to committees being thrilled to have a theatre major in their ranks.
  12. BFA in Theatre. Oh, what a different life I imagined for myself.
  13. Admitted Students weekend is the 24th and 25th of March. That's really soon given that they just sent my acceptance today. Also, it conflicts with the premiere of the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race and the Texas Independence Relay. More importantly, though, that's a really short turnaround for people who live out of town.
  14. Just got an email that said it was a preview of the email and snail mail I'll be getting later, but the preview says I'm in for the MPP. Woo!
  15. 2 Year MPP for me.