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  1. HKS 2017

    That's actually just not how endowments work, though. I agree that they should be giving more funding. That doesn't change the fundamental nature of endowments. The inflation of the last few years doesn't affect how much they are able to give out restricted funds. It takes a long time to build up an endowment. Of their $35.7 billion endowment, Harvard gave out $1.7 billion last year. That's actually a lot for an endowment that is supposed to last into perpetuity. It means the endowment lost money last year, given that it had a 2% return on investment.
  2. HKS 2017

    I don't want to underplay how much it sucks to not get funding (I didn't get any either and am really sad about it), but I don't think it's really fair to say it's a bogus argument, given how endowments work. Most of Harvard's endowment is restricted funding, so it exists in perpetuity, but can only be used for certain purposes (like building new buildings or scientific research) or for certain schools (most is for undergraduate programs). The people who are most likely to fund scholarships to the school are alumni, so the HLS and HBS have much larger endowments because the people going out of those schools make more and are able to donate more. The fact that it's a new school actually completely makes sense for them not having more money because they haven't had the number of years it takes to build up funds restricted to the Kennedy school.
  3. HKS 2017

    That just seems like an extra burden to place on yourself. If you get in, you are qualified. If you decide it's not an expense that's worthwhile to you without funding, then that's your decision, but if they are only giving funding to 30% of applicants, it seems unfair to tell people (or yourself) that you aren't qualified if you're not in the top 30%.
  4. Berkeley Goldman MPP 2017

  5. HKS 2017

    We can cry on each other's shoulders or dance with elation together. If you get a full ride and I get no funding I will try to be excited for you, but I might not mean it.
  6. HKS 2017

    I was wrong and spoke too soon. This is more proof that Nasty Women should be in charge.
  7. HKS 2017

    I think in past years, it was always April 1. This year, that's a Saturday, so HKS is saying first week of April. I'm assuming we hear on Monday, but will be really sad if I find out that I get no funding when I am at new admit day on Friday.
  8. UT LBJ 2017

    Have you called them? They told me that people who were concerned should really reach out. Something seems wrong here.
  9. UT LBJ 2017

    They mentioned it at the open house I went to in the fall. I think it's something that is not guaranteed, so they don't put it on the website, but that they've been able to do for a while now.
  10. UT LBJ 2017

    For the past several years (something like 7), the LBJ school has given in-state tuition to everyone. The UT system has the second largest endowment of any school in the country. Something like $24 Billion.
  11. UT LBJ 2017

    I talked to someone that I know at the school yesterday because I was a bit concerned that people aren't hearing back. She clarified that there are some people who would not have heard anything yet due to the rolling admissions process. She did stress, though, that anyone with questions or concerns (or who applied early in the applications process but who still hasn't heard) should reach out directly so that they can be aware of any problems that might have stopped your notification and so they can help resolve your concerns.
  12. [Help!] Quant. Background for MPP, MPA

    I only had a 160 Quant, but had a 170 verbal, so that was a piece of it. I think what it came down to for me was experience. By the time I start school in the fall, I'll have 6 years of experience working in nonprofits, plus I'm on two boards for three and four years now. That and just finding the right way to sell myself despite the lack of Quant background. I think creating a strong narrative is extremely valuable.
  13. Berkeley Goldman MPP 2017

    Why are you deciding against Berkeley?
  14. UT LBJ 2017

    I feel like, other than Chicago and, to a lesser extent, Michigan, that was my expectation for almost every program. Harvard and Berkeley had their applications due two weeks before LBJ's and I only heard from them the week before I heard from LBJ.
  15. [Help!] Quant. Background for MPP, MPA

    Is your goal to be prepared for the program or to get in? I can't say how prepared I will be for the program, and I didn't apply to Stanford or Columbia, but I got into HKS and I haven't taken a math class since I graduated high school 12 years ago. I got a 160 on the GRE quant, so it's not like I had a huge showing there either. Also, nothing in my job history is really related to quantitative work. Having to submit a quantitative resume was pretty depressing. I guess what I'm saying is that it's not the end of the line if you don't have a quant background, as long as you have other experience that bolsters your application.