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  1. I don't think you should worry too much about it. You have reached out to them and they have blatantly ignored you. You've done your part as their instructor. If anything - I would probably reach out to them in class at the end of your session if you really want to figure out why they are avoiding you? Cheer up! I think you're doing a great job.
  2. Thank you! Congrats and Good Luck to you as well! Where are you attending?
  3. Technically, the school I'm attending in the fall gave me a GA (Graduate Assistantship) but I have to work 20 hours a week helping whomever I'm assigned in the Fall (won't know until I'm there) my primary responsibilities will be grading and possibly helping with a discussion or two if the prof isn't available. Full stipend & tuition waiver, 17K~/year (COL is low) for a two year program contingent on the fact I maintain at least a 3.0!
  4. I just registered for classes at my M.A. institution on Tuesday ~ 3 courses and a GAship (fully funded, yay!). I am excited to get back into the swing of things (I'm already running for some positions in Phi Alpha Theta) and anxious to get the hell out of my job since I know the end is in sight. I plan on quitting in by the end of June. 5 days after my last day we leave for a 10 day trip to France (woo!! my first time), a conference in the beginning of July for my bf's field, and then we make the 600-700 mile move from SoCal to New Mexico. I'm having trouble being productive at work and concentrating on my tasks (even then we've been super slow). I'm looking up apartments, but can't really do anything as most are opening for monthly basis versus a few months out. Probably won't secure housing until end of may/beginning of June. I'm just really really excited to be back in academia/history after working in law for the last few years out of undergrad but also nervous because this is the first time I will be away from friends and family ever.
  5. I was emailed my rejection at U Mich this morning as well. Oh well! I know where I am attending fully funded MA and I will be back to apply to for PhD's in two years!
  6. Welp, rejected at Wisconsin-Madison. Let me down through the Postal Service. Sad, even though I knew this was a reach school.
  7. Around $660.00 for 8 schools. This included GRE Test, GRE sending fees, Application Fees, and Transcripts. Worth it thought! 3 admits so far, 1 rejection!
  8. Got my third admit! OSU, not sure about funding, it wasn't really clear. Halfway through waiting for my schools to respond! Madison and Michigan are apart of that so I'm feeling not so great about the silence since I know people are starting to hear from them. I'm also waiting on Kansas. I saw some admits this morning. So who knows?
  9. Well just got my first rejection. That's a crappy feeling. Only 5 more schools left to hear from. Ready for this process to be over already.
  10. Congrats!!! I hope I hear back soon! Going to be anxiously checking email and the portal.
  11. Thanks! So it's looking like the second or third week of February that we will find out decisions. To be honest, I think I might get rejected from U of Mich because when I reached out to my POI she said that she wasn't taking students and that European History probably wasn't accepting many students regardless. But that's why this was my reach school. I'm ready for application season to be over, lol.
  12. Looks like U Mich is sending out interview invites this week? Has anyone heard for European History? Getting nervous!
  13. Bump! I just found out I was accepted to NMSU for Fall 2017 History Program. I am seriously considering the offer. Although I visited back in December, I was wondering where the best apartments/houses to live are? BF and I are looking for a 2 bed place with room for our dog & cat! Thanks
  14. I just also received an informal acceptance from NMSU for their M.A. program and an offer of a 20/hr week Assistantship. Literally, I can not believe how well this week is going. I was not expecting to hear anything until Feb-March for every program I applied to. Praise the History Gods!
  15. Thank you so much! Congrats on yours as well!