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  1. I received admissions to two graduate programs that I'm currently viewing as relatively equal, and I was wondering if I could enlist your/someone's help in choosing! The pros/cons are not ranked despite the numbering. School 1: Pros: Prestigious school US school in my field Closer to relatives and family Weather is great and proximity to nature is excellent. Focus on scientific outreach into communities Beautiful campus Well-established POI with a currently small lab Fully funded with tuition remission and 18k stipend;Assistantship New environment Excellent course offerings for my interests/needs Strong field work culture I can actually apply to government scholarships here. Cons: POI doesn't work on what I want to work on exactly, but is in the same field and seems willing to cater to my specific interests... I really don't know how much they will, though. Lack of modelling work done at this Uni, which is basically half of what I want to do. School 2: Pros: Also a prestigious school in my field (but less) Alma mater/I wouldn't have to move Established rapport with POI POI has been clear that they'll facilitate my research interests to a T. Other faculty who I can really learn from on my committee Strong modeling culture Cheaper overall tuition Fully funded I know people here. In a city Cons: Community here. I don't really feel like I fit in. Weather. Far from family... very far. POI is relatively new (3 years) Lack of scholarship/grant opportunities (specifically for me, because I'm considered int'l) Same environment Lack of courses that I would want to take to facilitate my research/profs for that part of my committee. I know people here. All else aside, cost of living is about the same between the two places. If you guys could give me a hand, I would really appreciate it!
  2. Personally, I would take the risk and go to SD. Being able to work on things I'm specifically interested and that is novel is more important to me than a safety net. That being said: What would you feel happier doing? I know that seems like a cop-out answer, but you also have to take into account a bunch of other variables that you'd be dealing with at each school (environment, community, etc). Also an early career professor could be risky. How have your interactions with her been so far? Are there many other professors that you could switch over to if things head south? Close to retirement can also be a bad sign too. I should amend this by asking: Would you be able to get any extra help in addition to that 10K (not from the school)? Or would you be able to apply for scholarships and grants? What are your other funding options here?
  3. @rth1995 One of my profs is a chef turned biologist! You can do it if you want to. My craziest one was definitely to become a sculptor and make some of my art dreams come true or work at an ecotourism resort for temporary funds.
  4. Adcoms, please spare me.

    1. DBear


      Fingers crossed for you!!!

    2. BlueNahlchee


      Best of luck! Hope you hear good news soon.

  5. @xisan92 No worries. Haha... I can sense your anxiety about this...... I'm kind of at the point of giving up hope on Stony Brook.
  6. @xisan92 I should also mention that the graduate coordinator said that, when a decision is made either way, we'll get an email.
  7. @xisan92 As SB has indicated to you in their previous email and as I mentioned in my previous response, they already sent out their first round of offers. I don't know what the results of that were. We should also expect ALL decisions to have been made by the end of the month. Did I not make that clear in my previous post? I feel like I did.
  8. @xisan92 I did. The grad coordinator just said that they are trying to finalize all decisions for the end of this month. :S
  9. Have you guys heard back yet? I'm waiting on the Marine Science side of things, and I haven't heard a peep, except that first offers were sent out, and they hope to have everything squared away by the end of the month. @xisan92 @Vort
  10. @TakeruK @cydxb @LWilk Thanks for the answers, guys. I've made them aware when I first got the email (prior to asking this question on the forum) that I haven't heard back from any school yet, so I guess I just have to ride whatever happens next and follow up on the process.
  11. I've been asked to give them an idea of the chances of me accepting an offer from a university, and I'm not sure what to do. I applied to a few other schools, but I haven't heard back from them yet, so I don't know how to respond. Furthermore, by a few, I literally mean 3 schools total, so ... I obviously didn't apply to this school without serious consideration of accepting it, and its weight priority-wise also depends on my other (potential) acceptances. Sorry about the jumble of words.
  12. Probably not what you're looking for, but: Give yourself some credit! Congrats!
  13. @TakeruK Your words are really encouraging, especially since I'm not in the States right now to hear this from US faculty. Watching this happen from across the border has been scary. I didn't grow up in Canada, but I spent the latter part of the last decade in Canada. I do remember Harper and his scientist muzzling, and have heard from a couple industry/government scientists about (basically) "book burnings" (?). I was also around when Canada got rid of him for Trudeau My professors in Canada didn't really talk about the Harper government much, though, so I didn't get to hear about how it affected them, funding, etc., which is also probably why the situation in the US may seem worse than it really is. Thanks for the reassurance. PS I have also seen Harper Man (at the suggestion of a couple of my professors).
  14. Out of curiosity, how many of you are worried about your career in the sciences in this political climate, because it's been bothering me a lot. Do you have faith that things will turn out alright? How are you coping and does it really affect you? I've personally applied to one Canadian school in addition to US schools, and because I'm more in environment-related sciences, I'm having fears and doubts about whether or not I should just go to the Canadian school instead. Honestly, the state of science in the US is worrying me more than my pending applications right now.