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    Medieval history, history of disability, feminism, & rhetoric around disability
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  1. @medievalist86 and @McGhee Thank you!! I'm so beyond excited to study at UEA! I just wish more of us had been accepted. @medievalist86 and @Dilemma1, sending you all the good vibes and good fortune and hoping you get bumped up (or, barring that, that you win your other scholarships)! I'm so grateful for how wonderfully supportive all of you on this forum have been, and I hope that if this year isn't your year, next year will be!
  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry
  3. I just got the first email congratulating me--haven't gotten the second yet!
  5. Damn, I hope that means they've just received sponsorship confirmation for you from Fulbright! Gah...I just want the waiting to be over and for all of us to know (and, hopefully, to have all succeeded!)
  6. Well, my application ended up going through really late because of an administrative error, and so I just got my offer letter 2 days ago--and in it, they announced I had been awarded a scholarship for the exact amount of the full tuition fee. But UEA doesn't offer full scholarships for international post grads, as far as I can tell from their website. So I'm wondering if this unnamed yet very large and unexpected scholarship could be what I'm hoping it might be...won't know until Fulbright officially notifies, though!
  7. Hey UK applicants: did any of you get a scholarship award in your acceptance/offer letters?
  8. I'd be down! will also be drinking regardless of what my final status is lol
  9. @McGhee it's kind of cracking me up too! Guess we're just attracted to places that are wet, rainy, and gray, and therefore also very green! (well, assuming we're all in western WA)
  10. Haha as someone who's never studied abroad before, I have SO MANY questions, so I'll definitely shoot you a PM! Oh that's awesome--mine is specifically centered around using the rhetoric of primary sources to determine what kind of social/cultural environments shaped able-bodied people's reactions to disability from about 1350-1480 (my past work has been on Henry VI's catatonic period). Best of luck to you as well! Hopefully we both trade this gray Washington weather for...well, gray English weather!
  11. Oh nice! I applied to the University of East Anglia up in Norwich. If you don't mind sharing, what topic or project are you hoping to work on? I'm hoping to research cultural connotations of disability in the later medieval period! And I feel you there--I'm trying to stay calm and I keep reminding myself that I'm grateful to have even come this far in the process, but every new email in my university inbox still makes my stomach drop.
  12. Lifelong Seattle resident here!
  13. Where are you guys seeing notifications listed?
  14. Literally same, lol. Let my illogically obsessive behavior begin!
  15. Wait--were you asked a question on US politics? That's so interesting, because I definitely was not asked that, and yet their interview FAQ say that interviewees are all asked the same questions! My questions were more about what I would bring to the UK, where I would travel in the UK, leadership experience/style, and why the Fulbright was important to me.