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  1. Oh thanks! I don't plan to take it at all since I already have one MA. Also, I am changing field from Politics to History so I won't apply for programs in Political Science anymore. I was just wondering if I am leaving the field due to pure incompetence or (more or less) free will. By "evaluate" I mean "if Columbia MA is competitive and I got an offer maybe I am not that bad as a politics major " I know...it's kinda pathetic.... thanks for the advice anyway. I don't think it's worth the investment either.
  2. Got MA offer from Columbia Univ. today after being rejected from PhD program. MA is without fellowship. I am changing field and reapplying for PhD programs in another discipline this year but still, out of curiosity, does anyone know how prestigious is Columbia's terminal MA? O_O Is it difficult to get in? I didn't get in any of the 4 PhD programs in political science I applied (Berkeley, Columbia, UVA, GWU), I assume it is bc I couldn't find a POI doing what I want to do + lack of quantitative training. I was kind of hoping this MA offer can help me evaluate how....poor/not so poor my application was. =_=
  3. Congrats!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!
  4. haha, yeah I admit that my thought about corporate work life is immature. Last year most of my friends started to work in big companies so I made some more or less biased observation. Didn't mean to offend anyone who's working in industry, but in China it kind of feels like that way-"a small replaceable part"-because we are, even when we graduate from top universities.
  5. I just received rejection via email so I think if you haven't heard anything, it's a good thing~
  6. Thank you two very much for saying that. I hope next year this time I'll get in places that excite me and pass on this positive vibe~
  7. This cycle is now officially over for me. (ugh, too fast!) About me: international applicant, BA and MA in politics & area studies; focus is modern Japan (history of foreign relations, national identity, memory, gender&sexuality) I've studied in Japan for one year as a graduate and I've studied Japanese as my minor as an undergraduate. Results: I only applied to two programs because I was not 100% sure that I want a PhD in History (instead of in Politics) (lesson learned: be sure before apply or there will be serious identity crisis) and I got rejected from: Harvard: rejected. (good fit) reasons: err..because it's Harvard? Joking~ I talked about it with POI and he very kindly pointed it out to me that my main weakness is that my training is as much in political science as in history. (He is just so kind... ) lesson learned: need to demonstrate in my SOP that I am an aspiring historian instead of someone who is capable of transforming herself into a historian... (I talked to POI before I started my application and back then my non-history BA and MA are not a problem, so I assume it is more about how to present myself) (not going to reapply to Harvard because it's unlikely that they will take someone who was once rejected) U Penn: rejected after an interview (not a good fit but not a bad one either) reasons: I was still not seeing myself as an aspiring historian but some timid outcast (I wonder if other area studies people feel the same way?) not belonging to any discipline. So when my POIs asked if I'd prefer to be a historian in X field or in Y field I was even thinking "wow, a historian, me?" =_= You know, like the guy you've been having a secret crush on suddenly asks you out on a date...on Feb 14th, and you are so happy that you totally freak out and give him a three-second silence? lesson learned: I really need to construct an identity as an aspiring historian or it will never work... also, while I did a lot work on/related to my topics of interest, I didn't really have an opportunity (as an Area Studies/Politics major) to think about history as a discipline or historic questions in general. (it's really hard to admit, but I was indeed not ready to pursue a PhD in history, especially not mentally prepared.) (not going to reapply to U Penn because..well...I'm not proud of my performance during the interview and I don't think they'll give me another shot next year. That said, I am grateful that they thought I deserved an interview..) I am going to reapply in this fall to more programs which i didn't even have time to think about last year. One question: what did you do during the gap year? I'll have a research job at an LGBTI rights organization which is relevant to my interest in identity, gender and sexuality but not in history...will that be Ok on my CV? Also....I know this is too early and too much to ask, but if anyone is interested in having a look at my future SOP in a few months, please let me know. Thank you all for sharing your story and valuable information!
  8. Thanks for the kind words! I'm international so I definitely won't be visiting anywhere (and they know that). That said, I think I am indeed rejected.
  9. Is there anyone waiting to hear decisions (=rejections) from UPenn? I had my interview on Feb 2 but haven't heard anything from them yet. I assume I've safely landed in the rejected pool. I only applied to UPenn and Harvard (officially rejected from Harvard already) for this cycle and I'm wondering if it is time for me to discuss why I am/will be rejected and how to improve my application in this fall. I kinda need to secure a position at an NGO asap to make sure I have a research job during my gap year....so, is it still a bit too early (and pathetic) to write UPenn that "I believe I am rejected, can you give some advice" email? (I did it to my Harvard POI and received really valuable advice~) Hope I'm the only one here who has to do a second cycle! Thanks in advance!
  10. I already wrote emails to professors who wrote my recommendation letters to apologize to them that I didn't get in Harvard or UPenn though I don't currently have the rejection letter and I'm gonna reapply this year. They already replied with kindness, surprise, and encouragement (mostly surprise) so it may be a problem if by some miracle I was not rejected.... I know, I am just weird.... Ok, 15 min later after this ^ post I got an email to check website and Harvard's released my rejection.
  11. Congrats!! Alas...does this mean that all acceptances were sent out? My sub-field is East Asian history and despite the interview I had in early Feb there is no news yet... (It would be extremely tragic for me since I'd have to reapply in this fall if I didn't get in...Penn is the last school I'm waiting to hear back)
  12. thanks for emailing them for the rest of us!! I've already so successfully constructed this perception that I am rejected by Harvard (bc there is no informal emails of any kind) that when I read about your idea of framing the official letter, I was thinking "that's way cool and I'm gonna do the same, or maybe even print it on a T-Shirt, so where did i put my rejection letter?"--then I realized there has not been one, yet... lol @Freudzter I think Penn will send out results in the mid Feb so possibly next week?
  13. Oh I got my official rejection from Columbia a few hours ago and it also says my application is now being considered for MA. I don't want another MA but see it as...err...free extra evaluation of my application material.... +_+
  14. I just want to vent about how rejections have made me so upset about everything. I'm supposed to be a supportive force to my significant other who's at the last stage of finishing PhD and is under lots of pressure....But I just can't conjure up a smile and say both of our academic career will work out just fine. And I can't help but letting him know how upset I am because of all the rejections. Then after sharing another piece of bad news I feel like I've let the person I care so much about down again... T-T It sometimes feels like that we are a pair of wolfs but despite all the effort I still cannot hunt on my own so the other wolf has to bring meat back every time.... (I am ever so grateful for having someone so patient with me...ugh, for what reason do I deserve this... )
  15. If I am waitlisted I would consider it a huge honor and success (yep, "low" bar). unfortunately my situation is that I haven't heard anything (at this moment, it would be informal email from POI or department) at all. Thank you for the kind words though! I really appreciate it!