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  1. Yes- they are back now!
  2. I can see mine on the admitted students portal! So they are still giving out scholarships!
  3. Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing when you got your acceptance letter? I got my acceptance last Thursday and am now waiting for any word on scholarships.
  4. Haven't received any scholarships so far...losing hope on that front
  5. Thank you. I was also told that they are going to be making more decisions in the next few weeks. I also got my acceptance on Friday so don't see how we could have been considered for that first round either :/
  6. It's 1.30 am here haha. Not sure if I can get up either. If I do will pass on notes
  7. Anyone attending the virtual information session tomorrow?
  8. I thought that's not even possible. From what I understand, this has happened to people who applied for a PhD and were admitted to the Master's program or those who applied to the M.eD and got admitted to the MA.
  9. I think this happened to another person. Did you by any chance apply to the PhD or M.eD program?
  10. For anyone who has been accepted at Teachers College or NYU Steinhardt, is there any insight you can share in terms of scholarships/aid for international applicants?
  11. Has any international applicant received a scholarship award this year? Can anyone shed light on the probability of scholarships/aid/RA/TA etc for international applicants?
  12. Thanks for sharing! So this availability will be known only in 2-3 weeks it seems like!
  13. Good luck to you! Students who applied to a couple of other programs heard back yesterday!!
  14. Just heard from Columbia and I got in!