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  1. This thread is referring to the masters level sshrc/nserc so i believe the notification process is also different from the doctoral. But it is specifically called the Research Portal on the govt of Canada website if you search it. However, given you didn't apply that way I don't think this is relevant to your application and you will likely get a response in the mail or email.
  2. No I haven't....not sure if that is a good sign, bad sign, glitch in the system or a particular school that submitted early!
  3. Hmm thats tricky. It could just mean you were nominated by the department, but then it goes to another stage beyond the department. At my school, in step 1 you have to be nominated by the department -- they get to choose a fixed number of students applications to nominate, then it goes to the next stage where you are basically in a pile with people across many disciplines (within your choice of SSHRC v NSERC groups). At least that it what my supervisor said our school does for CGS-M. However, you could always email them back and ask for clarification! Puts you out of the misery of waiting 2 more weeks and wondering what they meant!
  4. Maybe ask the professor of the class if he can recommend someone as well? I have had a few professors ask if I was available to tutor students in a math/stats class. Plus, if they can recommend someone, at least you know the student did well in the class. If they don't have anyone, then 100% recommend looking at your universities tutor page (student unions generally have a vetting system where tutors submit grades so only those with A or higher can tutor -- at least in my school).
  5. Yeah, I sent the one masters offer and the PhD offer to another masters program. I guess I should have just sent the masters offer since that alone topped their offer. Definitely see now it now as the wrong move, but I am truly considering the masters over the PhD since I didn't apply to many schools this year (got psyched out thinking I wasn't competitive enough since I heard so many 'horror' stories) so I feel if I do a masters, especially at this school which is higher ranked than my current school, that if I reapply next year I would do even better and have more competitive offers.
  6. A good source if you know how to use latex is their poster templates: http://www.latextemplates.com/cat/conference-posters. Even if you don't know how to use latex it might still be good indicator for layouts! This is what I used exclusively for my posters and were commonly used in the STEM fields at my school.
  7. In my case I am wondering what reasonable debt would be. I luckily do not have any undergrad debt. However, I believe to sustain myself I would need to add an additional 5k per year with my PhD offer so that would likely end up being $25K over the course of the program. I am having a hard time justifying this much debt since you never know what the job market will be like once graduating...though I realize it may not seem like a lot to some, especially those who took out undergrad loans, given that I worked hard to have no debt in my undergrad it is extremely hard for me to consider the idea of taking on debt.
  8. I wish I saw this a bit earlier, but I sent both offers to a school and was basically told no additional funding would be possible despite having an offer that dominates theirs by 4K. To me, this does seem like a lot since that would essentially cover moving costs. Was a bit confusing since prior I received multiple emails from the school stating I was the top applicant and that they would anything possible to address any concerns I would have for not attending. Their response to no funding was that the department at the moment was overextended with offers. They may be able to offer a small scholarship but not guaranteed at the moment. I am just a bit confused I wasn't offered an additional entrance scholarship given it is one of the top schools. Or is this the norm? I guess I am just confused given they even said to notify the school if you had a better competing offer, but it seems like there was no point. I can understand that the department could be overextended, but honestly quite shocked given the tone of previous emails.
  9. I have 2 masters offers, a 1 year and a 2 year and debating between both. That is what is making me debate between the two offers is that in the 1 year my application doesn't change when I re-apply but the 2 year just feels like such a long addition to my education. Yeah, my PhD is quite underfunded compared to the cost of living in my opinion. I actually got equal to more funding for my masters offers and they are in a cheaper location. However, the offer I received seems like the standard offer for that school but I don't have another PhD offer to negotiate the amount
  10. I am in a very similar situation as you! Except Canada instead of Europe. Having a ridiculously hard time coming to a conclusion, so anyone's input on this would be greatly appreciated! Additionally, my biggest fear is the additional years means being older when graduating from a PhD as well as asking my references to be my reference again in 6 months. However, barely surviving and depleting all my savings + possible debt is a very hard pill to swallow.
  11. First of all, you still have plenty of time to prepare for the GRE! If you are finding the math portion difficult, I would recommend possibly getting a math student in the department as a tutor? Best advice is do as many problems as you can! Don't worry about the professors rejecting to write a LoR, that is still months away! Instead, focus on building your relationships with them, staying in touch etc. Similarly, the fear of grad school is so far in advance. Focus on what you do have control over! Build your application over the next few months, especially in areas you identify as weak. I would also recommend have a practical back up plan should things not work out-- whether this be applying for jobs in the winter for graduation etc. Most of all, don't focus too much on what you can't change. Focus on what you can do and stay positive!
  12. I have received 3 offers so far. 1 for a PhD and 2 for masters (not sure if it makes a difference, but I am applying directly from undergrad) The first question I have is that if I am not sold on which school I want to attend quite yet, is it awful to ask for higher funding to a school if it is possible I don't end up choosing the university? On the flip side, finances do affect my decision so if they can't offer higher funding I might not attend. The second issue is I have actually been offered higher funding for my masters offers than my PhD (one school was very generous in their funding)! However, does it look ridiculous to ask for a higher funding to the PhD school by sending them the offer from the masters school? Problem with the PhD school is they have like tiered funding meaning I get paid better in year 1 but the amount given declines each year. The other thing is the cost of living at the PhD is much higher than my other offers so it is barely livable the amount. Edit: Third question if I sent my offer of PhD admission to one of the university's I am actually considering over the PhD, do you believe that is a good bargaining power for higher funding or is sending the higher masters offer better since it is equal bargaining tool?
  13. As per the website "Results deadline (date on which institutions may begin posting their competition results using the Research Portal): April 1 of the following calendar year."
  14. Congrats that is super awesome! Definitely this is the thing that scares me the most about going to a new university where no one knows you versus staying at your undergrad school where you know you are supported. Huge fear of mine moving forward, but I am so glad to read through that and hear it went well!
  15. I definitely am the opposite! When I am dating someone I want a break from academia! It is also nice for schedules since if you both are in academia it can make it hard to meet if everything is opposite (different timelines for dissertation or both working crazy hours), though it can suck for time off and vacations. I agree with Cheshire_Cat in that it only becomes a big deal if you make it a big deal. But hey, if you want to talk about your work and bounce those ideas off each other then I totally get where you are coming from! However, I definitely find myself on the total opposite of the spectrum.