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  1. @Sky1995 will you be attending orientation on Saturday?
  2. @MSWfall2017 awww, part-time😬
  3. @MSWfall2017 thank you☺️ Will you be attending full time or part time ?
  4. I got into CSULB☺️
  5. @MLA90 I've also been accepted to the part time program. The financial side is what is scaring me. I was awarded 2 scholarships, but it's still so much!😬
  6. @12sliders I'm doing part-time but I'm still thinking about attending
  7. @MSWfall2017 congrats!!!! Do you mind sharing your stats?
  8. @12sliders are you doing part time or full time?
  9. Is anyone thinking of attending?
  10. @Bflor hey! Congrats on Long Beach! Would you mind sharing your stats? And when you submitted? Thank you.
  11. CSUF OR CSUDH? 😬
  12. @Grad2017 hey I applied early January. I was interviewed March 29th and was accepted April 19th for part-time.
  13. Just got accepted to CSUF!
  14. @rmeza thank you!
  15. congrats!!!🎉 what are your stats if you don't mind me asking?