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  1. @Grad2017 hey I applied early January. I was interviewed March 29th and was accepted April 19th for part-time.
  2. Just got accepted to CSUF!
  3. @rmeza thank you!
  4. congrats!!!🎉 what are your stats if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Cograts!!!(: had my interview the same day, but still no answer:(
  6. Hey, still waiting to hear back. Do you mind sharing your stats?
  7. @bunny666 I submitted on around January 15 and heard back from them March 21st.
  8. Had my interview for the 3-year program at CSUF today!
  9. Awesome @Jax_Nise I'm graduating this May from CSUDH with a 3.7 in Human Services. I don't have as much experience as you, but hope I get in (fingers crossed). I turned in my packet on the last day😖how do you like the program so far?
  10. Hi @Jax_Nise what were your stats? I am currently waiting on a decision for the 3 year MSW program at CSULB. Thank you
  11. I got accepted to CSUDH and waitlisted for CSULA😩😔 waiting on CSULB