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  1. Yayy! Congratulations! What's your name so I can identify you, hahah! I'm Leslie (you probably figured that from my username).
  2. I hope you get in and that you are in my cohort! I had an old co-worker interview last week and receive her acceptance this week for the part-time program too. Keep us posted!
  3. I GOT IN! I got an e-mail on Friday!!!! "Dear Leslie It is my great pleasure to inform you that your application to the Master of Social Work program at California State University, Fullerton has been accepted." ...and now I have to fill out a form to formally accept admission. YAY!
  4. I had a 3.43 GPA but I think what did it was having a ton of experience. I also had connected with a teacher in the MSW program last year who invited me to be a part of a panel called "Social Work with Latino/a Families" where I met the head of the department. It was interesting being a professional on a panel for Social Work students before being in the program. I was able to use this experience in my personal statement so that might have helped. I've been working with children and families since 2009 and my focus is very specific to prevention efforts through culturally competent parent education for immigrant families.
  5. Hi everyone! I want to share with you that I did have the interview on Monday morning at 9am with Kelly Segovia, the Admissions Coordinator for the MSW department. I was surprised that it was not a panel interview. For the most part, the interview was fairly easy. She asked me questions like "Why did you choose social work?" and "What is a population that you think might be difficult to work with" (I said teen moms have been difficult to work with in a parent education setting but shared my reflections about my own biases and expectations and then explained the resources I used to overcome that challenge). She then basically asked me if I had any questions for her and was pretty detailed with me about the timeline for the program. I asked her what she felt she liked best about the program and she said that it was the community that the students form. I told her how much I would value that community too. The whole thing lasted half an hour. At the end, she ended it with "You should hear from us within a week or probably less than a week." and "We would be really lucky to have you." So, all in all it went very well! and was a great experience. I definitely felt really good leaving and like I got this in the bag However - I have not received an e-mail yet (it's Thursday afternoon) and believe me, I have been checking my application status and refreshing my e-mail profusely since. Nothing is ever certain but I'm keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed that the last couple of things that she said mean an acceptance e-mail is coming.
  6. I got an e-mail yesterday for an interview to take place on Monday! Wish me luck!
  7. They must have had a million applications! I am so surprised no one has heard yet. It's definitely annoying!
  8. Oh! One more question- Have you (or anyone) also been receiving the e-mails about financial aid and scholarships from Luis Molina?
  9. That is so interesting that the status in our portals would say different things! I'm on the edge of my seat checking for any possible change in the status daily.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has had any updates on their application status? I submitted my application for the Flex program on 1/19/17. I called yesterday to ask what the notification process is like and a woman in the MSW Dept. told me that they "don't know" and that some years it takes a month and some years it takes three months. She did say that the next step would be to get called for an interview. My Application Status still says "Thank you for applying to Cal State Fullerton. We have received your application. No admission decision has been made at this time" Has anyone (2-year or Flex) heard anything or heard anything different than what she mentioned? Let me know!
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