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  1. if anyone else is going to the meet and greet on the 1st and want to meet up during the "refreshment" part let me know! I would love to meet people from the program before the fall semester starts...
  2. Hey! Yes I am! Managed to get a flight in and out on the same day for a really good price using points. Finals are the week after so can't stay too long, but didn't want to miss it. What about you??
  3. are you an international student or canadian?? I was given four weeks from the date accepted (March 10th). I doubt they've reached full capacity; they might just be waiting to see how many more they can accept seeing as they are still taking applications? Who knows... hopefully you get a response soon!!
  4. @Nick.lb hey! I my decision came in about a week later. The impression I got from the email was that my application had not yet been looked at all so she was just going to put a notice that I had got in touch with them. I'm not totally sure it had any influence or if I was just lucky enough to be part of the next batch of reviewed applicants. How long ago did you contact her? They might be waiting to hear back from a certain number of applications before sending out more acceptances maybe??
  5. Yeah I saw! I hope that doesn't mean the other positions have been filled already ): regardless, I'll definitely apply to 2 more. @Taylomac welcome to the chat!! Haha. Wish I could help but I don't know much about UBC and all I know about U of T is the research I've done online.
  6. No, I mean this one: http://www.rosi.utoronto.ca/ !! You can create your student account and usually if you've been accepted it will show invited to register. Prior to my acceptance it just said "no registration history". I would start by emailing Andrea though! She usually responds really quickly (:
  7. Hey! I would assume yes but would probably email Andrea just to be safe... could be that your offer is coming by postal service. Have you checked your ROSI/ACORN status? Could also be another indicator.
  8. @Legacy23 wow didn't realize the difference in prize was so significant. I applied for Archives and Records Management and Culture and Technology. I had to say which concentrations I was planning on following when I applied. You can check on the admission application page - should show on the application summary). @Spzr yeah I'll honestly take anything I can get with hopes of a job offer after!!
  9. hey! You're also coming from Montreal? Which Uni?! And which concentration are you going into? No discussion groups yet... (or at least that I am aware of). Someone did talk about starting a whatsapp group on the results page for UofT though. Haven't see anything else.
  10. Have you considered applying to the co-op option? Its two full semesters a year (winter and summer) of paid work. Usually full time! If I don't hear anything about the TALint program, I will try and apply to that. I dont know what your concentration is, but I know they have a lot more opportunities for ISD and UXD students. I also saw on their library website that they have quite a few library work positions outside of the TALint program it seems so I might try for that too. I totally get it. Toronto is expensive so I definitely want a job thats worthwhile.
  11. @Spzr I also applied for TALint. Mind you, I havent heard anything since I submitted my CV and cover letter for the maximum three positions... I also know there are only like 8 positions for what I'm assuming is a lot of applicants. I didn't think i'd have much of a shot. Have you heard anything?
  12. @Legacy I would assume its because of networking aspects as you say, but I agree there is nothing stopping you from applying for jobs in Toronto after studying at McGill!! I'm also going to be moving to Toronto in August. I want to find a place where I can stay the full 2 years (not down to move more than once hahah). So I'm looking for something in the downtown area, 20 mins max away from school. Where are you moving from??
  13. @gabiaconetti No problem! I volunteered at the McCord museum last summer! I definitely get that... I sent out emails to like every museum in Montreal possible until finally a small privately owned museum emailed me back and I did some really good work with them. Sounds like you still have some good experience under your belt. Archaeology I believe is definitely relevant. I basically only took archaeology classes at McGill and focused on that in my letter of intent. Carol is also the one who responded to me. At least she didn't give you bad news! On the bright side, I think the latest you'll hear back from UofT is late April I think? I'm sure they'll be sending out more answers these next few weeks!