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  1. University of Toronto iSchool

    Hey for anyone asking about funding, I heard from a friend who emailed the department that first offers for funding went out last week. Any chance of second offers depends on whether or not someone rejects an offer from the school at this point.
  2. University of Toronto iSchool

    @M.gooseberry 200 is definitely a lot for a masters. But I know it's a larger program because it's course based as opposed to thesis only. That being said, they did mention at the meet and greet that the number of applications this year has gone up quite a bit and they are trying to reduce the number of acceptances compared to last year (could explain why it's taking longer this time around to give back responses). @Legacy23 yeah by not promoting I mean they didn't talk about it much at the meet and greet or anything. But I agree with @M.gooseberry that coop options will probably increase every year (its still pretty new based on my understanding).
  3. University of Toronto iSchool

    Hey, I'm not really sure how good it is. Dont know many details about it. Based on my understanding the program is pretty small. Only 30 students did co-op last year (if i remember correctly). They didn't promote it all that much. I think the idea of the program is theres tons of options and they emphasized co-op is only one of those.
  4. University of Toronto iSchool I don't think there is another meet and greet specifically, but there is an event on July 8th. I think in general its the same concept but more specific since all decisions will be sent out by then. Honestly not a huge group. I'd guess maybe somewhere between like 40-50 students like max?? Not totally sure though. @Legacy23 they discussed co-op and career options briefly. I imagine they will discuss it again in July. The session was supposed to be taped for students who couldnt go so maybe message Andrea to see if you can get a link to it or something. I am personally going to start looking in may for an apartment available in August. Turnover for apartments and stuff is pretty high so I think between May and June is the best time for anyone looking in August (based on what I have been told and stuff). I find the prices range so much in toronto its insane. all depends on what you're looking for.
  5. University of Toronto iSchool hey, the meet and greet was pretty good! Basically discussed a lot of preliminary things. started out with a welcome talk, talked about student services and affairs (ex: co-op option). Then moved into a student panel discussion about the different programs. Heard the students speak about their experiences, etc. Lastly we got a small tour around the school before the meet and greet part. Teachers weren't around, but are going to be present at the second event on July 8th (which is supposed to be more focused on registration). @Legacy23 I have been told by most places I have contacted that I am too early in the process. Usually the earliest you can inquire is approx 3 months prior to a move in date. These are the sites I have been using though: (my personal favourite) (also pretty good) A friend of mine also added me to a group on fbk where people post about rentals and people who are looking for roommates and stuff (could be good for you!), but its a closed group I think. So you need someone to invite you (you can check the group to see if you know anyone who is in it and then ask them to invite you to it, its called Bunz Home Zone). Hope this helps!
  6. University of Toronto iSchool

    If I had to guess (because realistically I dont actually know), I would say the department sent out a first batch of acceptances and are waiting to hear back from a certain percentage before sending out more acceptances. Not because they're full, but probably just to keep track of admission numbers and such. About rejections, not really sure how many people are going to post about that online... depending on level of comfort and reaction to a rejection. Doesn't hurt to follow up with them!
  7. University of Toronto iSchool

    Just out of curiosity, did you guys all get conditional acceptances? and what are you conditions? Just wondering if my conditions are like the norm or if they differ from person to person...
  8. University of Toronto iSchool

    if anyone else is going to the meet and greet on the 1st and want to meet up during the "refreshment" part let me know! I would love to meet people from the program before the fall semester starts...
  9. University of Toronto iSchool

    Hey! Yes I am! Managed to get a flight in and out on the same day for a really good price using points. Finals are the week after so can't stay too long, but didn't want to miss it. What about you??