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  1. Whoops, I should have specified. I was accepted in 2013 (and I was not advanced standing), so the year they sent out decisions for my cohort we received emails first (at least I did). Not sure how its going to be this year, but I would assume you'd be seeing an email. Good luck!
  2. I received my acceptance via email (they might have also sent a letter...but the email definitely came first).
  3. In 2013, those of us who applied for early decision heard on 3/1. I'm not sure about last year as I wasn't on the boards as often, but I imagine folks also heard from admissions around March/April. The waiting is the worst!
  4. I had social work experience, just not 2-3 years of full time experience. I spoke about my experience working for a youth emergency shelter part time since 2011, my social justice work at my undergrad, and my experience as a research assistant for the psychology department for two years. Even though I couldn't say that I had been in the social work field for a few years working full time, I did my best to "sell" any work that I thought was relevant and talked about the social work skills that I learned from those experiences.
  5. If it makes you feel any better, I applied straight out of undergrad (I was also 21 at the time) with only part time social work experience and was accepted to UCLA and USC.
  6. It might be easier for the admissions folks to read if you follow the order they have presented. But I think what really matters is whether or not you hit every prompt and answer those to the best of your ability.
  7. I'm happy to try and read statements. Just message me
  8. I was accepted to UW in spring 2013 (I had applied that December), and during orientation for Autumn quarter folks from the admissions office told my cohort that approximately 600 individuals applied to the program and that UW only accepted around 110-125 people (I can't remember exactly how many people are in my cohort). So it came out to around a 25% acceptance rate. I can't speak to last year's admissions, however.
  9. Hey all, I will be a second year MSW candidate at the University of Washington starting this fall. I am concentrating in Mental Health Practice and will be interning as a Child and Family Therapist at the Community Psychiatric Clinic in North Seattle for my advanced practicum. I am happy to read personal statements and offer feedback to those who want it. Shoot me a message if you're interested!
  10. I am a first year MSW at UW, and my program does require a course in human biology (as I'm sure other schools do as well). During undergrad, I took intro to Biology, but UW didn't give me credit for it because it wasn't "human oriented enough" (i.e. my course spent too much time talking about plants...). If you're concerned that a Bio course would mess with your GPA, I would go ahead an skip taking it in undergrad. I only say this because there are a ton of online biology classes you can take that schools might accept as credit. With me, since my Bio course wasn't accepted, I took a human anatomy class online over the summer through Texas State University San Marcos (per UW's suggestion) and it was only $150 as opposed to the $350 something UW was asking for the Biology course they offered in the summer. One other piece of advice, often schools will post the pre requisites that are required for their MSW programs. Usually its Biology and Statistics. Hope that helps!
  11. Congrats, pamaya!! Go Dawgs!! And good luck to others who are still waiting!
  12. From my experience, USC and Denver weren't all that hard to get into. I wouldn't, however, say that no school is terribly difficult to get into. For instance, the UW admissions folks came and spoke with my cohort during orientation and they said over 600 people applied for the full-time program and only 100-150 (I can't exactly remember how many but I think 110 are in my cohort) were admitted, which is less than 25 percent give or take. Good luck!
  13. I heard back from UW around 1:30am on March 1st It was a stressful day... A really awesome person from this board offered to read my statements before I submitted them and I found it to be so invaluable. I'd like to pass that same gesture along. If you would like a fresh pair of eyes to look over your statement feel free to PM me. I'll be pretty busy until Dec. 10 because the quarter is coming to an end, but I'll see what I can do Good luck everyone!
  14. Hey SuburbanLite, I will be at UW this fall and, as citychild suggested, feel free to PM me if you have questions about UW specifically. Regarding your credentials, I feel like you have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to academics. As for social work related experience, I feel like your experience is comparable to mine (I was stronger academic/research wise with only part-time social work experience). It sounds like you are on the right track, but I would encourage you to keep pursuing as much "direct social work" experience as you can. Honestly, I feel like applications are a crapshoot. It all depends on who/what the programs are looking for when you apply. I applied to PSU as a safety net, thinking for sure I would get in, but was denied. On the other hand, I was accepted into UW and UCLA, both very credible programs. I would suggest approaching your applications/school choices with these three things in mind: 1. location location location! 2. tuition. 3. field placement opportunities/networking. good luck!
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