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  1. Hi all! I am having a bit of a hard time determining who my letter writers should be as I apply to the part-time MSW program at UW-Madison. First, some background: -Graduated from UW-Madison in May 2013 with a BA in Psychology (GPA: 3.949) and a BA in Spanish (4.0), total GPA of 3.939, graduated with distinction and with honors in the psychology major -Completed developmental psychology research with one of the best in the field and wrote/presented a seniors honors thesis as an undergrad -Applied to 8 developmental psych PhD programs and was accepted to two top 15 schools.
  2. Wisconsin. I applied all around the state. The research job I was offered was in Madison and the nonprofit position I accepted was in Green Bay.
  3. This thread really piqued my interest. I graduated from UW-Madison with a BA in Psychology (GPA: 3.949) and a BA in Spanish (GPA: 4.0) in May 2013. I spent two of my four years at UW-Madison working in an adolescent development research lab, where I completed my senior honors thesis. I wanted a career in academia and, during my senior year, applied to 8 developmental psych PhD programs. I declined an interview at one, and was accepted to 2 programs: Penn State (top 5 in my field) and University of Maryland (top 15 in my field). I chose to attend Penn State and completed one year of grad wo
  4. Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you all a (happy) update on this story. I left my program in May and spent the summer working a minimum wage job in a bakery that I had worked at during the summers when I was in college. It may seem like a huge step down from a top 5 PhD program in your field, but the people were great and I decorated some kick a** cakes! It helped me start to get my confidence back. In December, I started working for a nonprofit organization that goes into the homes of at-risk families and educates them on positive parent child interaction, child development, and fami
  5. I'm sorry that this has happened to you. This did happen to me, and not in a joking way. My ex-advisor seemed to think that I was intellectually capable of completing a graduate program, but not emotionally capable. She told me I needed to get over my "fear of ambiguity" and that some people can't. "That's the reason why not everyone has a PhD." I was and still am, to be honest, kind of an emotional, neurotic mess. However, I became that way after dealing with this bullying from my advisor for months (you can see my other threads for a summary of that). It's hard not to let harsh words like th
  6. Hi everyone, Thanks for the replies. I have decided to finish off my classes and TA work this semester and then take a leave of absence. I honestly don't believe I will be returning, but I feel better knowing that I can if I find myself wanting to when I am in a clearer mental state. I'm quite happy with this decision. I need to find some work to fill the credits that used to be occupied by my research lab, but the university wants to keep me around to finish out my TAship so that shouldn't be too hard to do. The only problem I am having is that I am taking some serious attitude from t
  7. Hi everyone, Thanks for your support! The meeting is over. It was not at all like what I expected - she was weirdly nice, though in a very passive aggressive way. She acknowledged that she knows I have been distressed and that she cares about me and wants me to succeed and doesn't want me to quit grad school. In response to my reasons for leaving she said that no one will give me the kind of guidance I want (how does she know what I want?) and that I think switching labs will solve all my problems but that it won't. She said I should take time to work on my own problems instead of putting
  8. Hi everyone, Thanks for the advice. The meeting is tomorrow afternoon. I feel that this is unfortunate timing because it is our area interview weekend and she will be meeting with prospective students all day (and will probably only have 1/2 hour to meet with me). Moreover, there is a social function that evening that all students and faculty will attend. This is, however, the only time she would give me to meet. I had requested we talk Monday but she wanted to do it this week. I didn't mention in the email that I was intending to leave her lab or the program, as this is not what I was
  9. Hi all, Just a quick update - I talked to my area coordinator today. She was very sympathetic and helpful. She offered to talk to my advisor for me and tell her I'm leaving the lab but I told her I should probably do it. Our interview weekend is this weekend, so I will probably email my advisor on Friday or Saturday to set up a meeting for Monday. I'm sure the conversation will be difficult to have. I plan on letting her know I feel bad about this and anxious about the position that I am leaving her in, but I need to do what's best for me. That I'm leaving the lab and that, ultimately, I f
  10. They say that switching is an option in my area, but when I tried last semester they basically shut me down. As for signs before I came here, there were none particularly from my PI. We just had some email exchanges and an hour interview during interview weekend. That went fine. But there were signs from other people. Everyone in the program was very diplomatic about it, saying she is very "direct" and has a certain style that isn't suited to everyone. Some said "well I like her and get along with her..." - implying that not everyone does. I thought that didn't sound too bad because I work har
  11. That version of grad school sounds great to me! Haha thanks for the responses - I was actually curious as to what responses people would have!
  12. Honestly, what is the difference between hand-holding and guidance? My advisor doesn't believe in teaching - she literally believes you will learn better reading on your own than talking with some else, and goes as far as to forbid asking questions of other lab members because "it's a waste of everyone's time." I personally think that people learn better in different ways and you can't take a one size fits all approach. She recently told me I need too much hand-holding. I responded by saying I just want a little bit of guidance, like any guidance at all. The other first years in my cohort
  13. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the responses. You all make really good points. I think you all hit the nail on the head - I feel guilty about wanting to switch and so I've been trying to make it work. I think the guilt stems from my advisor telling me that the problem is me. And when I'm feeling clear-headed I know that's not true, and I get a lot of external validation telling me that's not true. But when I'm down I'm internalizing everything she says and it's really affecting me. I know my health comes first. I think what's holding me back now is just sheer terror at initiating the proc
  14. So it's early on Sunday and I'm sitting in bed trying to do the reading assigned for my class, but I can't because I'm crying. Why am I crying? Because I have an 84% in my stats class and the class average is 90%. Now it is important to note that 1) we've done 2/10 homeworks and this grade doesn't include either exam, and 2) the two lowest homework scores get dropped. So why the hell am I crying? I don't know. This has to be a symptom of a bigger problem, mainly the fact that I feel so incredibly incompetent that I can barely function. And no, this isn't typical imposter syndrome. It's cri
  15. Thank you both for your responses! I think the conclusion St Andrews Lynx came to is most likely correct, but it can definitely be frustrating!
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