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  1. Both Master's programs. School A: $18k for two years. Full tuition remission. More established program. Advisor is a good combination of hands on/hands off. Has made it clear that she sends students to conferences and such. New lab with spankin' new equipment. Well funded. Problem? The school is in a VERY rural location. Like, the woods. I'm coming from Chicago and am terrified of being away from civilization for so long (even two years). I also didn't seem to mesh very well with the students there (though that could be in part due to the overwhelming majority of prospective and c
  2. I know there's tons of posts out there like this... so please bear with me. I'm a master's applicant, and last week I sent an inquiry email to the grad coordinator asking when interview/admissions decisions would be sent out. (apparently they haven't had interviews yet >.<) She said that the committee hasn't said anything to her and to email the chair of the committee if I was interested. Should I do it? This seems scarier than just asking the head secretary or something like that... since the chair is the chair! And also since I'm interested in rotating with that particular PI.
  3. Applied to 3 schools. Interviewed at 2. I'm waitlisted at one of those 2 and suspect I'm waitlisted at the other one as well. Haven't heard back from 1 at all (even though I know they do interviews... but apparently they're still reviewing apps? and I have no idea when interview invites will be sent. rawr. I just want a little security!)
  4. Thanks everyone for their points of view. I should probably just chill out for a bit and realize that I'm still lucky to have been waitlisted (and flown down to visit expense-free). After all, the only thing that PI had to go on was what was on paper, and this says nothing about who I am as a scientist (or person, for that matter). And it must have been awkward for her to interact with me while engaging with the already admitted student. :-)
  5. Thanks everyone for their input! I guess I just don't like the thought that if I worked with this particular PI, I would know I was only her back-up (out of 3 slots). Bah.
  6. I went to a recruitment weekend at a school for my master's in microbiology this past weekend. I'm applying specifically to a lab, and have been in light contact with my potential mentor. I was super excited about her work and meeting with her. It turns out there were two other people at the recruitment weekend who were also applying to her lab, one of them being my roommate (who I happened to get along really well with). Once I stepped into my potential advisor's lab, she right away told me that she had already accepted 3 new students into her lab (2 of them being the students I had met d
  7. I just called the micro department at Miami University at Ohio and asked when they usually send out interview invites... and the receptionist said in early MARCH. Wahhhht? Isn't that.... super super late? I wonder if she misheard me and thought I said admission invites. Anyone know of other schools with such a late late late interview date? Sheesh.
  8. Thanks everyone for their thoughts! I was really tempted to look for jobs in Chicago since I'm kinda missing the socializing aspect... but you're all right. The pain of finding a job, securing affordable housing that's close to public transit (along with a 6 month or month to month lease) is just way too much effort when there's the possibility of leaving for grad school. I think I'm just freaking out about NOT getting accepted anywhere (a familiar feeling, I'm sure). And VBD, thanks so much for those kind words! I definitely needed that.
  9. Hey all. Before I get on to my question, I just want to put out a disclaimer that I'm kinda freaking out and being overall very negative. I have applied to three master's programs in microbiology, all with a due date January 15, so I know it's going to be a while until I hear anything back. I currently live at home with no job after just graduating in December, and it sucks. My mom is pretty cool and understanding, but the feeling of being a "bum", lacking financial independence, and having NO IDEA about my future is driving me crazy, and I'm falling into a depression. (I'm aware app
  10. Hi all. I've done a forum search already on my question, and I'm still a bit confused on the research process. I'm applying to Master's programs in Microbiology and have already submitted one application (out of four) and have spoken to two potential advisors. I have research experience through an REU this past summer where my advisor had a project he wanted implemented. He basically wanted me to follow the methods previously published by one of his past students, so I had no part in coming up with the question or plan of attack. The most "sciencey" thing I did (besides doing the
  11. I also agree your opening remarks can be easily left out. "With my reporting experiences in Germany working on the English section of Company A, in the United States covering international news, and in Belgium broadcasting on the Euro Crisis, it occurred to me that as much as we consider the world today a global village, international news will continue to occupy only a small segment of the daily news consumption for most readers." This is a little long and a bit confusing... I suggest breaking it up into two sentences and/or rewording it a bit. "Ruminating on these questions has l
  12. Hi! I'm applying directly to a professor's lab and we've already talked a bit over the phone to discuss potential projects. In my SOP should I refer to those projects we've discussed over the phone (I'm interested in working on them)? Also, would it be weird to say... Dr. X does work on blah blah blah as in "Published Paper"? I'm trying to show that I've done my own research in the professor and to try give a short intro into why I want to work with them... and their "Published Paper" was part of a project I would have been interested in working on. Thanks!
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