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  1. I live in Brighton. Last year I was trying to find a 2-bedroom apartment for $1400. I got laughed at at the student housing fair...if anyone is looking for a 2-bedroom anywhere in Brighton, expect to pay at least $1600 (although I found my rare gem of an apartment for 1400!). Definitely try to live near a T stop, it makes a world of difference. Also, the housing market is BRUTAL: as soon as a place with good value/location is posted online, you can expect it to be gone within 5 minutes. Be aggressive.
  2. I was just talking to a broker about this, and she said it's much easier to find housing around Boston College with a Sept. 1 date- August dates are rare. I have, however, seen a few June dates.
  3. Hello fellow BC-ers! My name's Liz, I just got accepted in the the Boston College Lynch School of Ed's M.Ed program for Moderate Special Needs. Now comes the insane search for an affordable apartment with easy access to the green line and 2 bedrooms...
  4. I know a lot of people applying for Ph.D programs have heard back, but what about masters programs? My deadline was Jan 1st for my favorite school (Boston College), and judging by the survey results, almost all the people that have heard back from BC are Ph.D applicants. How long does it usually take to hear back from schools? And who has already heard back?
  5. Does anyone know the cheapest rent I could get in the Cleveland Circle area, if I live with a roomate?
  6. Hoping my professor gets my remaining letter of rec in on time....I should've said the deadline was sooner!!
  7. My scores finally went up today (I took it Nov. 30th): V: 158, 79th percentile. Q: 151, 56th percentile. 4.5 for the writing. I'm applying to Boston College for a masters degree in special ed...most education programs don't require the GRE, so I'm hoping Boston doesn't care too much....especially since I have a 3.95 GPA. I'm crossing my fingers that my GPA counts more. Any other Nov. 30th takers out there?
  8. Thanks again, wreckofthehope and eco_env! I will be a first-time grad student straight out of undergrad, so I'm looking to live somewhere close to BC, cheap, and ideally with a roommate who is also a grad student.
  9. wreckofthehope, thank you so much!!
  10. I'm looking to move to the area around Boston College, probably Cleveland Circle...does anyone have any advice/tips? Also, I'm terrified of the idea of driving around the Boston area. How good is the public transportation? (is it expensive, can I get a ride on the T at 2 A.M. or does it shut down at midnight, etc.) Thanks!
  11. Compared to other grad programs, is the GRE that big of a deciding factor for ed schools? I just took mine and got mediocre/average scores (verbal 158, quant. 151) and now I'm anxious. I have a 3.9 GPA, though, which I hope will count for more. I have my heart set on the Boston College Lynch School of Education, and im crossing my fingers that the GRE isn't all that important. But hopefully, some of you out there have a better idea than I do...
  12. Hello all, I feel like applying to a master's program in education is considerably different than applying to a master's program in any other field. I'm currently applying to the BC Lynch School of Education, and I'm in the process of writing my personal statement. I'm curious; for those of you applying to grad school for education, what are you writing about in your statements? I'm writing about experiences I've had working with children, and how they've affected my personal beliefs and ambitions for teaching.
  13. Boston College Lynch School of Ed, all the way! I want to get my M.ED in special needs, moderate disabilities.
  14. Hey DCS, I'm applying for Fall '12 as well! I have my heart set on getting into the Lynch School of Ed. for my masters in moderate disabilities special ed. I'd also appreciate any tips and advice for applying and getting accepted into Boston College. Thanks, Liz
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